5 Best 12V Fans That Plug Into A Cigarette Lighter

There’s nothing better than a summer road trip, full of exploring and adventures. But, it can be hot in the cab of the RV, especially in the back.

I’ve searched high and low to find the best 12V fans that plug into a cigarette lighter. I’ve listed the best 5 and reviewed them in this article.

Our favorite fan is the Schumacher Fan it’s small but mighty and probably the best quality on the market.

If you’re short on space and need a fan that plugs into a cigarette lighter then you can’t go wrong with one of these fans in the review.

Fans That Plug Into A Cigarette Lighter Top Picks

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5 Best 12V Fans That Plug Into Cigarette Lighter Reviews

Schumacher Turbo Fan – Best Overall

This is the best all rounder 12V fan in the review, it’s small but has some power behind it. 

The multiple pivot points on this fan make it really easy to position in any direction to focus the air exactly where you want it. The heavy duty clamp lets you place it in most positions you want, and the cord is long enough to reach.

There are multiple settings so you can control the air flow settings to how you want it. Don’t be deceived by it’s small size, this fan moves a lot of air.

On the downside, it is on the more expensive end of the scale but it is the highest quality fan on this list. 

It’s also quite loud when on the strongest setting, but you can turn it down to a quieter setting and still get plenty of cool air.

Alagoo Fan – Best for 12V and 24V

The Alagoo fan will work for 12V and 24V RVs, so it’s really useful if you want a fan to move between two vehicles or use different voltages. It’s also universal so will work in all vehicles large and small.

The big adjustable clamp makes it easy to clip onto most RVs, the mouth of the clip opens up to 5 cm.

The two fan heads rotate allowing air to flow to the driver and passenger or allowing different angles to cool the driver. The air is strong enough that it will also cool down the passengers (or pets)  in the back seats.

The fan plugs into the cigarette lighter and has a 2.5m long cord so will give you plenty of leeways to move it around.

TN TONNY Fan – Best for Adaptability

This is a great dual headed fan that offers fantastic adaptability, it has 2 rotatable fan heads so the air can be directed in any direction that you need. The fan itself can be rotated 320 degrees with a rotatable base so it will reach every corner of your cab, and hence why it’s our favourite for adaptability.

Like the others this fan comes with a heavy duty clamp so it will attach to most places in your cab.

There are also settings on this fan so you can turn it up and down to achieve the breeze that you desire.

It’s also affordable, quiet and powerful. What more do you need?

LITINIGEAR Fan – Best for Price

The Litinigear fan is the cheapest in the review, it can also rotate 360 degrees and both heads can be rotated in different directions. 

The fans still give a powerful breeze that can be felt throughout the cab, there are two speeds high and low so you can have a strong or soft breeze.

Like all the other 12v fans in this review it fits into the cigarette lighter of your RV for it’s power.

This fan has a flat base that sticks directly onto the dashboard so you don’t have to worry if you have nowhere for a clip. However, this does make it a bit less flexible for placement compared to the others.

Xool Fan – Best for Noise

The cool fan is the best in the review for noise, if you want a quiet fan then this is for you. This fan is less than 50db, which is the same level of noise a refrigerator makes. 

This fan will keep you and your passengers cool and allow the passengers to get some shut-eye whilst traveling.

This fan has a large clip and the head is rotatable so you can place it in most areas of your RV and direct the air to where you want it.

Just because it’s quiet doesn’t mean that it doesn’t do its job well, this little fan will keep you cool as well as being quiet.

How to Pick The Best Fans That Plug Into A Cigarette Lighter – Buying Guide

A 12V RV fan is never going to blow you away, quite literally. Some are way better than others though and there are some key features to look out for when buying one. 

I’ve researched the market for 12V fans that can plug into a cigarette lighter in your RV or car, and come across some key takeaways that you need to consider before buying one.


Quality is important when it comes to 12V fans, they aren’t overly expensive but if you buy on the cheaper end of the scale you will be compromising on quality. Make sure that you read some reviews before purchasing so you know the fan is good quality.


The blades of a fan play a huge role in how effective it is, the more blades and the bigger the blades the more air the fan can push through. Therefore the more cooling it feels.

Go for as many and as large as you have the budget and space for to get the maximum benefit.


If you want to use the fan a lot check that it has different settings, this means that you can have it on the lowest setting if you just want to get the air moving in the RV. 

If the RV is getting really hot you’ll want to turn the fan up to the max to get the refreshing air flowing and cooling effects of the 12V fan.


As the 12V fan is designed to plug into the cigarette lighter in your RV then size is going to be an important factor. 

Presumably, you are going to want it on the dashboard to keep you cool during long hot road trips. Keep the size in mind as you don’t want the fan to block your view of the road, but with that being said you are going to want the biggest one you can fit. 

Measure up the space you have available before you go shopping for a new 12V fan.


You will want to know how the fan is going to stay in place and if that will work for your RV. Pay attention to the attachments that come with the fan and where you want to place it, are they compatible?

12V fans usually come with clips or stands, you can always add some double sided tape to keep it in place.

Cord Length

Make sure that the cord is long enough to reach from the cigarette lighter to the dash or wherever you want to place the fan.

If the cord is too long it will get in the way, too short and you’ll have to hold the fan in place.


These 12V fans are not going to break the bank, but you should always have a budget in mind and know that you shouldn’t be spending much more than $40.

Fans That Plug Into a Cigarette Lighter Recap

Schumacher Turbo Fan – Best Overall

Alagoo Fan – Best for 12V and 24V

TN TONNY Fan – Best for Adaptability

LITINIGEAR Fan – Best for Price

Xool Fan – Best for Noise

Final Thoughts

12V fans that plug into a cigarette lighter are an ideal solution to keep your passengers cool and your RV well ventilated.

All the fans in this review are easy to mount, will cool you down, and have various settings. Our favorite from the review is the Schumacher Turbo Fan.

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