5 Best RV Bunk Ladders in 2024 [Buying Guide]

I have scoured the market to find the best RV bunk ladders currently on the market. Here are the 6 best RV bunk ladders out there.

You’re sure to find one that suits your RV.

The best RV bunk ladders are safe, affordable, don’t take up much space and are comfortable to use.

The last thing you want is an obstacle course when getting into your bunk after a long day! Some bunk ladders don’t make it any easier.

I have thoroughly researched all the RV bunk ladders available and carefully selected the best ones that are on the market.

From this research, I have found that the Stromberg Carlson Bunk Ladder is the best overall bunk ladder for your RV.

RV Bunk Ladders – Top Picks

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Best RV Bunk Ladders Reviews

These are the best 6 RV bunk ladders that are currently available, there are various types here so you will find the right ladder to suit your needs.

Stromberg Carlson Bunk Ladder – Best Overall

The Stromberg Carlson bunk ladder is the best overall, I think it’s the best looking and takes up the least amount of space.

They can easily be cut down to fit your RV, this ladder will perform best being vertical rather than at an angle to increase the strength.

The ladder comes in black or silver and has all the accessories for installation, one larger pair of hooks to hook over the bunk bed rail and a smaller pair to use on the provided mounts.

It can also hold a lot of weight at 250 pounds.

  • Best for: Space
  • Key feature:  Compact, can be cut down to size, easy to install.
  • Weight Capacity: 250lbs
  • Price: $$$

Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder – Best Telescoping

If you want a multi use ladder then this is the best option, granted it’s not the best looking bunk ladder but it is an awesome telescopic extension ladder.

You can easily use it to get in and out of RV bunk beds, it locks per foot so you can make it whatever length you want up to 10.5ft. The telescoping ladder can also be used to get on the RV roof, to hang a hammock, save a cat from a tree … the possibilities are endless.

It’s light enough to carry around and reduces in size enough to be easily storable.

It also is built to the highest safety standards including dual steel locking bolts and rubber feet with grips.

  • Best for: Multi Use
  • Key feature:  Strong, durable and compact.
  • Weight Capacity: 330lbs
  • Price: $$$$$

Quick Products Bunk Ladder – Best For Easy Installation

This is a great option if you don’t want a permanent solution, the Quick Products RV Bunk ladder is easy to set up and remove, so it doesn’t take up precious floor space when not in use.

To set up just mount the top over the edge of the bed frame and make sure the rubber foot pads are secure, to remove, simply lift it off and put it in storage.

The rubber foot pads protect your floor and offer stability.

The maximum weight that these ladders can hold is 250 pounds, it is noted that the ladders should be as vertical as possible to hold weight at the higher end.

You can also easily change the length, the threaded tube inserts come out and can be re-inserted at the top of the legs at the new length.

  • Best for: Easy Installation
  • Key feature:  Easy to Install and remove
  • Weight Capacity: 250lbs
  • Price: $$$

Premium Climbing Rope Ladder  – Best For Kids

This is a great cheap option for a bunk ladder for your kids, you can make going to bed an adventure!

You can also take it outside for them to play with during the day, the premium grade wood is also splinter free so there shouldn’t be any tears.

It’s easy to install with the buckles at the top, you can tie/nail down the bottom of the ladder to make it more stable.

The rope ladder will also take more weight than you’d think at 220 pounds.

  • Best for: Kids
  • Key feature:  Fun, cheap ladder for children
  • Weight Capacity: 220lbs
  • Price: $

Hoffen Extendable Ladder – Best For Lower Heights (Overcab Bunk)

If you need a smaller set of ladders then these Hoffen extendable ladders are a great option, especially if you want them to go to an over cab bunk.

They are retractable so when not in use you can slide them up to one rung, and secure them with the velcro strap. 

The Hoffen ladder is made of high quality stainless steel and is designed to be bolted to a horizontal platform like an overhead bunk.

They are simple to install and come with all the necessary parts.

They also have rubber treads to prevent slipping and add comfort for bare feet, and can take a whooping 600 pounds, so there’s no weight worry with these.

These are a great looking and practical solution for access to an over cab RV bunk.

  • Best for: Over cab bunk
  • Key feature:  Retractable, easy to install, safe.
  • Weight Capacity: 600lbs
  • Price: $$
Best RV Bunk Ladder

How to Pick the Perfect RV Bunk Ladder – Buying Guide

There are a few factors for you to consider when choosing a bunk ladder for your RV, we have outlined the most important features below.

As most bunk bed ladders are used by kids, it’s really important to pick safe and secure ones over anything else.


This is by far the most important aspect to bunk ladders (or most things), obviously you want your ladder to be safe for everyone, but if your children are using it then it’s a priority.

The main aspects to look for are stability and weight capacity. The RV bunk ladder needs to be stable and hold the weight of the user. 

Bunk ladders vary in the weight capacities that they can hold, they can be anywhere from 200 to 600lbs, so make sure that the ladder you pick can easily hold the weight of the largest person to use it.

Other safety features to look for are rubber feet, hooks, fastenings, and non- slip steps. These features will secure the ladder in place as well as the user.

Another great tip is to add some strips of glow in the dark tape to the rungs on the ladder, this makes it easier to see in the dark and you’re less likely to miss a step – or stub your toe.

When fitting your bunk bed ladders, make sure they are installed properly. Ensure that you read the instructions and the ladders are secured at the top and stay firmly in place.

If the ladders are going to be used by children, give them a lesson on how to use them safely. For example you can tell your kids:

  • Always face the ladder while climbing up or down
  • Do not climb the ladder in darkness..
  • Keep 3 points of contact. (Two hands and a foot)
  • Use the ladder only for climbing. No games involving ladders.
  • Make sure that only one person climbs the ladder at a time.
  • Do not push or pull someone climbing on the ladder.

If you are still concerned about safety you can always install hand rails.


RV bunk ladders have a huge range in price, from ridiculously expensive to suspiciously cheap. Before you start looking, have a budget in mind for the type of ladder you want the features that it must have.

The ladders in the review range from $35 to £179. Be sure to check the weight capacity, durability and step width before you purchase.

If you want to save money when spending on your RV, one of the best ways is to buy multipurpose equipment. Ladders are no exception, you can get some RV bunk ladders that can double up as exterior ladders, like these Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladders.


Like everything else for your RV, space is an important factor in the purchasing decision. As you know there is always limited space in RVs, the last thing you want is bunk ladders that take up all your available floor space in the bedroom.

Do you want removable ladders that can be stored somewhere else when not in use, like Telescoping Extension Ladders or the Quick Products RV Bunk Ladder.

You also want to know the height of the bunk for the ladders, if you get ladders that are too short they are pretty useless. On the other hand if they are too tall they will need modification or take up a lot of floor space.

If you want to make the most of your space consider adjustable bunk ladders, that can collapse down to one rung when not in use, like the Telescoping Extendable Ladder.

Make sure to measure up before ordering, the last thing you want is to clutter up your RV.


The step rungs are often overlooked when picking bunk ladders for your RV. If the rungs are too small they can be painful on your feet – remember you won’t have shoes on when you’re using them. 

I know it doesn’t sound like that big of a deal but you don’t want to be climbing on thin metal bars in the middle of the night to get a glass of water.

Make sure that you get ladders with a wider step and padding on, you can always add a foam strip on the step yourself.

The distance between the steps will also affect how comfortable they are to use, this will also depend on who will be using the ladders. A smaller distance is best for children and a larger distance for adults.

RV Bunk Ladder

RV Bunk Ladders FAQ’s

How much weight can an RV bunk ladder hold?

Each bunk ladder is different, so be sure to read the specifications and check with the manufacturer before you buy. That being said, most RV bunk ladders should be able to hold at least  200 pounds.

How do you fit an RV bunk ladder?

Bunk ladders are pretty simple to install, they may differ slightly so make sure that you read the manufacturer’s instructions. 
Usually it’s a simple hook the top over the bunk and secured with the fastenings, make sure the bottom of the ladder is securely on the floor and doesn’t wobble.

What Is The Best Type Of RV Bunk Ladder?

There are a few different options you can pick from, and we have included the different types in our review. So the best type for you will depend on your budget, space and safety needs.

Can You Use A Rope Ladder For A Bunk Bed?

Yes, it will add adventure to the bunk! If you do install a rope ladder, make sure that the bottom is attached to the floor to reduce the swing and make it safer.

Recap Best RV Bunk Ladder

Stromberg Carlson Bunk Ladder – Best Overall

Aluminum Telescoping Ladder – Best for multi use

Premium Climbing Rope Ladder for Kids 6ft – Best for kids

Quick Products QP-LA-466B RV Bunk Ladder, 66″ – Best for easy installation

Hoffen 4 Step Ladder Telescoping Ladder – Best for over cab bunk

Final Thoughts

The best overall RV bunk ladder is the Stromberg Carlson Bunk Ladder, it’s easy to install, you can modify the size, they hold up to 250 pounds, and they are small enough to not take up much floor space. 

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