How To Keep Dogs From Going Under RV

Dogs are a common sight for campers and RVers alike, but it can be a challenge to keep them from going under an RV. Whether for a quick drink or a quick nap, your dog will always find his way. This guide provides a few tips on how to keep your pet from going under an RV.

There are two main ways to stop your dog from going under your RV, keep them in a portable dog pen or tether them. I’ll run through both options so you can pick the best one for you and your pooch.

Stop Your Dog From Going Under The RV With A Dog Pen

If your dog is intent on getting under your RV they will find a way, as soon as you take your eyes off them they’ll make a run for it. A portable dog pen is a great solution, that way you can enjoy being outside with your dog and not have to keep chasing them or restraining them with a leash.

A portable dog pen will allow your dog to roam around freely without having to be leashed, meaning they can go to the toilet and get exercise outside without you having to worry about them. The pen will stop them from running off after that pesky squirrel or from going under your RV.

The size of fence you will need depends on the size of your dog, bigger dogs will need a bigger more sturdy pen than smaller breeds. Luckily there are plenty of portable dog pens available, the VIVOHOME Heavy Duty dog pen is a great option for all sizes of dogs.

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You will want to get a pen that is large enough and tall enough so that your dog can’t jump over it. It also wants to be light and when dismantled relatively compact as we all know how limited space is in an RV.

Also consider the material of the pen and check that it will be weather resistant as it will be used outside.

There are many different types of portable dog pens so have a shop around and make sure that you pick the best one to suit your pup.

Stop Your Dog From Going Under The RV With A Tether

If you have an energetic dog like mine then a pen probably won’t hold them, they will either knock it down or jump over it as if it wasn’t there. If you think your dog will easily escape a pen then the other way to restrain them is with a tether.

Use an anchor stake and a long leash to keep your dog from running away, it’s a lot easier than keeping hold of the leash all the time. This Eurmax Spiral Anchor Stake is what I use when camping, it goes straight into the ground and is low profile so you’re not tripping over it. 

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Use the stake with a long leash like this YUCFOREN Long Rope Leash and your dog will have plenty of space to roam. 

Just make sure that you put the stake in the middle of your outdoor area but far enough away from the RV. That way your dog won’t feel left out but it still prevents him from going under the RV.  

Should I Bring My Dog’s Crate Camping?

Absolutely yes! If you can fit your dog’s crate in your car or RV when heading out for a camping trip then do it. Some people may think that bringing your dog’s crate into the wilderness is unnecessary, but there are many benefits of doing so. For one, it gives them a sense of security and safety when they’re in unfamiliar territory.

If your dog is anxious then changing the environment will stress them out, if they have their own space then they will feel more at ease. It also means that you don’t have to share a bed with your dog and you can leave them unattended for a couple of hours.

If you do leave them alone in a crate, make sure that the temperature is controlled so it’s not too hot or cold and they have access to fresh water.

Final Thought

RVing with your dog is always worthwhile, there is no one I’d rather share my adventures with than my dog. But, if they are prone to chasing after a rabbit or squirrel then you should use a pen or a tether to keep them safe.

Always remember to attach your details to their collar and get them chipped incase they do manage to escape, then there is always a way back to you.

To keep your dog from going under your RV keep them in a portable dog pen, or if they are too energetic for a pen use a tether. The other option is to hold the leash whilst you are outside, but that soon becomes tiresome, and it hard to eat your burger whilst holding a dog leash.

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