Jayco VIN Decoder [Solved]

VIN is short for Vehicle Identification Number. All road legal vehicles and trailers should have a VIN number by law.

Jayco builds RVs for all types of RVers, which is why you’ll find a wide range of models in their lineup. Jayco always put their 17 digit VIN numbers on the lower side of the driver’s door side. You can also find your VIN details from any sales paperwork from the dealership.

How Do You Read A Jayco VIN number?

Jayco’s VIN numbers are usually 17 digits long, to decode the Jayco VIN number use the following system.

1st digit – Country – this number represents the country that the RV was made in.

2nd digit – Manufacturer Code – this can also be known as the world manufacturer index and shows where the trailer was built.

3rd digit – Model Number – this is the RVs model series. 

4th digit – Line – this is another manufacturer’s number that represents the line that the RV was assembled in.

5th & 6th digits – Body style – the body type of the RV, including the length and axles.

7th digit – Restraint system – this represents the safety features employed in the RV.

8th digit – Engine – the engine type in the RV.

9th digit – Check Digit – this is calculated on the basis of other information on the VIN number in accordance with the U.S Department of Transportation.

10th digit – Year – the year the RV was manufactured.

11th digit – Assembly plant – the plant where the RV was assembled

12th to 17th digits – Serial Number – the serial number specific to that RV.

From all the above information you can find out everything that you would need to know about the Jayco RV. Although these numbers may not mean anything to you, they are best used by Jayco to identify the exact RV or you can use a free VIN decoder to find the information contained in the numbers.

Where Is The VIN Number On A Jayco Camper?

Luckily the VIN numbers on Jayco campers are easy to find as they are all in the same place. You can find the VIN number on the lower part of the driver’s side frame or door jamb.

The VIN number will be a small plaque with information on or stamped directly into the frame, depending on the age and model of your Jayco the plaque will have a lot of writing or maybe more succinct. Look for the 17 digit number on the plaque and that is your RVs VIN.

If you can’t find the VIN number on your RV then it should be in the paperwork that you received from buying it. It should also be on your insurance documents.

The previous owner might have the registration or insurance documents that have the VIN number on them. It doesn’t matter if the documents are outdated, the VIN number will still be the same.

If you have tried all of the above and still can’t find the VIN number for your Jayco then you can get another one assigned to your RV. You will have to prove to the DMV that you own the RV, and pay for them to do their own inspection.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you can now find your Jayco VIN number and know what the numbers and letters mean. I’d recommend running the number through a free decoder to get a better insight into your RV.

If this has left you with more questions then this article has everything you need to know about VIN numbers.

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