9 Ways To Make A Jackknife Sofa More Comfortable

Jackknife sofas are a great space saving pieces of furniture for your RV. The only downside to them is that they can be uncomfortable to sleep on.

I have come up with 9 ways to make a jackknife sofa more comfortable.

1. Use Pool Noodles to Fill the Voids

The first method sounds strange but stick with it. When you turn your jackknife sofa into a bed you’ll notice a gap where the seat and back part of the sofa meet. This is usually what causes the most discomfort when trying to get a good night’s sleep.

This is where the pool noodles come in, you can use one or two pool noodles to fill in the gap. Because the pool noodles are made from foam they are pretty comfortable, especially if you put a mattress topper on top. You won’t even know that they are there.

Use the pool noodle technique if you are using a mattress topper or quit as a base to sleep on. If you are using a more sturdy base like a foam pad then you can probably get away without them.

2. Use A Mattress Topper

Using a simple mattress topper will make a big difference to the level of comfort of your jackknife sofa, and you’ll have a better nights sleep for it. You don’t have to spend a lot either, this Easeland padded mattress topper will do the job and it won’t cost you much.

It doesn’t have to be the thickest, even a thin mattress topper will help to even out the lumps and bumps. Just make sure that you fill the gap with the pool noodles as described above.

If you are camping in a hot climate make sure that you use a breathable mattress topper ones made from cotton or microfiber are best. You can even get gel-infused foam mattress toppers that will help to keep you cool and give you the best nights sleep.

On the other hand if you are RVing in colder climates you’ll want a memory foam mattress topper to help keep you as warm as possible.

3. Make Your Own Wool Sofa Pad

If you want a more sturdy base to sleep on you can make your own sofa pad to sleep on. This will be thicker than the mattress topper and so provide even more comfort. 

Making the pad yourself will ensure that it’s the perfect size for your jackknife sofa, you can even customize it to fit the decor of your RV.

They are really easy to make and will make a world of difference to your sleep (and your back). All you need are:

  • Thread
  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors
  • Cotton fabric
  • Wool

First measure your jackknife sofa, you’ll want two pieces of fabric that are the size of the bed. Measure the width and length of the jackknife sofa when it is made into a bed. You’ll want to add a couple of inches onto the fabric so you can stuff it.

Cut the fabric to size and sew up three of the edges. When you have three sides sewn up, stuff the pad with the wool. You can make this as thin or as thick as you like.

When you have your desired thickness sew up the remaining side. Now you have your bespoke handmade sofa pad. Enjoy!

4. Use a Quilt or blankets

If you are already on a camping trip or can’t afford to buy a mattress topper or pads then you can use quilts and blankets to make your jackknife sofa more comfortable.

Use as many blankets and quilts you can find and lay them on the base, make sure to lay the blankets flat to avoid any lumps and bumps. You will also want to add the pool noodles to fill the gaps before you lay the blankets.

5. Use an Egg Crate Foam Pad

If you do have a few bucks to spend then an egg crate foam pad is a great option, and probably the most comfortable. They won’t set you back too much, this egg crate memory foam mattress topper has a soothing lavender infusion to help to drift off.

Buying one of these will make you feel like your on a luxury bed (for a fraction of the price), the shape of the pad means that its super breathable which helps keep you cool and keeps the pad fresh.

Make sure that you measure your jackknife sofa and get a pad that is of the same size so it will fit comfortably on top. 

6. Clean and Flip the Sofa and Pad

Above are all the ways you can physically make the jackknife sofa more comfortable like filling in the gaps and smoothing out the lumps and bumps. But by looking after the basic hygiene of the jackknife sofa will go a long way to making you more comfortable.

Clean the jackknife sofa before you make it into a bed, use a handheld vacuum to clear up crumbs and wipe clean any stains etc. When the jackknife sofa is clean it will automatically feel more comfortable, and it shouldn’t be underestimated.

Flip round the mattress topper or sofa pad every night so it doesn’t get indented and lose its bounce. This will help to keep it comfier for longer.

7. Use Fresh Sheets

Like cleaning the sofa, using fresh sheets will instantly make you feel comfier. There’s nothing better than getting into bed with fresh sheets and that is also true for jackknife sofas.

Always remember to make the bed too, it’s always better getting into a freshly made bed than a heap of sheets. Little things like this make a big difference.

8. Get the Right Size Jackknife Sofa

This is a tough one because you can only get a jackknife sofa that fits into the space you have, and in an RV space is limited. Be conscious of how many people will be sleeping on the jackknife sofa and how often. If it’s going to be the main bed for a couple then you’ll want to get the biggest size possible.

The bigger the bed then the more comfortable it will be, but only you can decide what the best size is for you. You’ll also want to consider the sofa size, you’ll want to be able to have enough room to sit with people you’re RVing with.

9. Add More Cushions

And last but not least add more cushions and pillows, you can always fill gaps and even use them for a base. But generally the more plush soft cushions you have the more comfortable you’ll be. 

You can even make your own if you have any wool and cotton left from making your sofa pad. 

Don’t overload too much though as you’ll have to store them on the sofa during the day.

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