14 Tips To Make Your Camper Look Like A Home

Most people want to make their camper look like a home, this article has some great ideas to give you inspiration. Before you start renovations on your new camper it’s important to have a clear image and inspiration for the look you want to achieve.

If you want to style your camper like a home away from home here are 14 great tips to help you achieve the look you want. I hope you find some inspiration.

To help you decorate your camper to look like a home:

  • Add textiles
  • Hang wall decor
  • Add rugs and a doormat
  • Add light fittings
  • Add curtains
  • Get a new mattress and bedding
  • Add some plants
  • Create an outdoor space
  • Add new furniture
  • Paint the walls and cabinets
  • Add a backsplash
  • Renovate your counters
  • Use open shelving
  • Add fairy lights

Add Textiles – Pillows & Blankets

Nothing says home like a cozy blanket and lots of pillows. Pillows and blankets can add a splash of color to your camper and liven it up too. It’s a fast and cheap way to completely change the look of the room.

You can pick up blankets and pillows cheaply at stores like Walmart, Target, and Home Goods.

Snuggling up under a blanket to watch a film or read a book is a great way to unwind in your camper. Plus if you are camping during the colder months it’s more of a necessity than a showpiece.

They are also great for covering up scratches and imperfections.

Hang Wall Decor 

Hanging some wall decor is a great way to add some personality to your camper and make it feel more like home. 

You can really make your personality shine through and they don’t take up any floor space. Just make sure that you fix them to the wall securely so they don’t fall off when you are on the road.

Nails and screws are not recommended for campers or trailers because there are a lot of electrics behind the thin walls and you don’t want to damage anything. There are other options though like, industrial velcro and 3M command hooks and strips.

An idea that I love is to hang postcards on the wall from the different places that you visit, like little mementos from your journey with your camper.

Add Rugs and a Doormat

Rugs will instantly make your RV look like home, they will provide texture and warmth to the camper. 

A doormat is also essential to stop dirt and debris being tracked in through the camper, it will also add a pop of color or personality.

There are so many different styles you can choose from which will make you feel right at home.

Add Light Fittings

Adding lampshades and light fittings that are fit for a home will instantly make your camper look more homely. 

You can also pick out some cheaper lampshades that are easy to swap around if you fancy a different style or color.

Add Curtains

Swapping the blinds for curtains is a cheap and easy way to make the camper look more homely. 

You can even get creative and make your own curtains for your camper. Just find some fabric that you like and then sew or use hemming tape to make a seam at the right length. Then use some curtain ring clips to hang the curtains up.

It’s an easy way to dress your windows to tie in with your decor.

Upgrade Your Mattress and Bedding 

Another way to make your camper feel like home is to upgrade our mattress and bedding. The factory mattresses that come with the camper are thin and uncomfortable so upgrade it and if there is space get a full sized bed.

You want your camper bed to be as comfortable as possible and that often means getting a ‘normal’ mattress.

Whilst you are upgrading your mattress you might as well go all out and get some nice quality bedding to go with it. You will thank yourself when it comes to bed time.

Get Some Plants

Adding some greenery to your camper is guaranteed to look great, but it can be tricky as you don’t want it to fall over.

Hanging plant pots are a great option as they can move with the camper and don’t take up valuable counter space. You can also try some fake plants and stick them in place with velcro or 3M strips.

Create An Outdoor Space

Extending your space to the outside can easily double your usable floor space. This is easy to do with an outdoor rug and some folding chairs and tables.

A screen tent is also a fabulous idea as you can eat and drink outside without getting any annoying insects in the way.

You can also add a fence so your pets can have a safe outside space to roam.

Add New Furniture 

Upgrading your furniture will give your camper a new lease of life. You can swap out most of your furniture for something more comfortable and stylish.

You don’t have to buy specialist RV furniture either, get creative when you next visit IKEA and see what lightweight adjustable pieces will look good in your camper. Remember to measure everything first.

Buying ‘regular’ furniture will work out cheapest, you wouldn’t believe how expensive it is to reupholster an RV sofa. You might as well buy a new one.

There are some great space-saving designs like drop-leaf tables and sofa beds that will work just as well in a camper as it will in your house.

Paint the Walls and Cabinets

Painting the inside of your camper is one of the cheapest ways to make it look like home and probably has one of the biggest impacts. 

Remember to use a primer first and get the right paint for what you are painting. You can paint the walls, cabinets, or both for a quick and cheap renovation.

Add Backsplash to Your Kitchen and Bathroom


There are some great peel and stick backsplashes available now so you don’t need to be a tiler to get a great looking backsplash.

The added benefit of these sticky backsplashes are that they are lightweight and easy to use.

There are so many variations available now that you are sure to find one that suits your camper. 

Add Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your camper will create the illusion of more space, making the small floorplan feel much bigger. Almost like home.

Strategically place your mirror to reflect as much light as possible to brighten up and make your RV feel brighter and airier.

Give Your Countertops A Makeover

You can now makeover your RV counters without replacing them or spending too much money.

If your countertops are in good shape and don’t have any marks, scratches or chips you can paint over them. You can buy counter paint that looks like granite! This is a quick, easy and cheap way for you to get the look of a brand new kitchen.

Another option is to coat your counter with an adhesive film that looks like granite or wood (or whatever you want). This is also easy to do you only need a Stanley knife and something to smooth out the bubbles.

Use Open Shelving

Open shelves will make your camper feel more open and spacious. You can use decorative baskets and boxes to fit the style. These can also be easily swapped if you want to change the look.

You can even add ornaments to the spaces, but be sure to hold them down securely. Museum putty works a treat for this and is definitely something that you should have in your RV.

Add Fairy lights

Another cheap and easy way to add some depth and atmosphere to your camper is to add some fairy lights. You can get battery-powered and solar-powered lights that will give off a beautiful soft glow around the camper.

Make a Camper Look Like A Home Final Thoughts

I hope you have found some inspiration from this article to make your camper a home away from home.

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