RV Mail Forwarding Service Reviews – Our Top 5 Picks

If your dream is to live in an RV full time, but you’re worried about not having an address for mail then you’re in luck. There are lots of RV mail forwarding services available, I have reviewed them all and chosen our top 5 picks.

Our RV mail forwarding service reviews go into detail about the services the various companies offer, because they are not all the same.

This article details the 5 best RV mail forwarding services available in the US. And a little bit more information on what an RV mail service is and does.

RV Mail Forwarding Service Top Picks

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The Best RV Mail Forwarding Services 

There are loads of RV mail forwarding services available and the majority of them will handle your mail with privacy and care. However, you want to make sure that your mail is being handled by the best company available.

I have thoroughly researched all the RV mail forwarding services available in America and picked the best 5, these are detailed below.

1. Escapees Mail Forwarding Service – Best for Escapee Members and Trusted Service

The Escapees is one of the biggest RV clubs in America, it also is home to the oldest and largest private mail forwarding service in the US.

Escapees have been forwarding mail since 1985 and are a commercial mail-receiving agent that are licensed by the U.S Postal Service. 

This service offers a few different plans, and you can pick which address you like from Florida, Texas or South Dakota. 

The Escapees have 3 main packages, category A, B and C. They all provide you with a unique mailing address in one of the three states detailed above, these sates are the most popular domiciles for RVers. 

All categories accept packages, will forward mail on request or to a schedule, and provide you with an online account. 

Categories B and C give you the option to use their mail scanning service. If you choose this addon, Escapees will notify you of new mail by email. When you log into your account you will be able to see images of the envelope of the received mail.

You can then choose whether you want to have the mail forwarded, the contents scanned or have the mail destroyed. 

This is particularly helpful for time sensitive mail, but it does cost an extra $10 per month and scanned mail costs $0.50 per scan.

Unlike category A where all mail gets forwarded, category B and C options allow you to select the mail that wants forwarding. This stops you paying postage costs to receive junk mail.

The category C service lets you custom sort your mail, giving you even more control over what gets forwarded. You can specify what custom sorting you want, for example, only specific magazine titles or catalogs from certain companies.

Category A
$95 per year
Category B
$115 per year
Category C
$135 per year
Postage Deposit$50$50$50
Set Up Fee$50$50$50
Personal MailboxYesYesYes
Mail ForwardingYesYesYes
Mail ReviewYesYesYes
Forward on Custom ScheduleYesYesYes
Mail Review by PhoneYesYesYes
Online AccountYesYesYes
Receive & Forward PackagesYesYesYes
Forwarding on RequestYesYesYes
*Mail ScanningNoYesYes
Forward Only Specific Mail TypesNoYesYes
Customized ForwardingNoNoYes

*Mail scanning costs an extra $10 per month, and $0.50 per content scanned.

The Escapees is our top pick because of the trusted service it provides. Mail is sensitive and you don’t want it to get into the wrong hands.

2. USA2Me – Best for Lots of packages and letters


USA2Me is a family owned and operated company, it was founded in late 2004 in a small warehouse in Houston Texas. It is now becoming a quality leader in the then emerging mail and package forwarding industry.

USA2Me offers four different plans, basic, standard, premium and ultimate. It is similar to My RV Mail but with some additional features, specifically the free shipping consolidation. 

If you receive a lot of packages then their shipping consolidation will save you a lot on postage. They will package all of your mail including packages and envelopes into one box to ship. They will also ship to anywhere in the world.

They also offer all the mail forwarding services that you would expect like shredding, and scanning mail, and an online portal.

Also their basic service has no monthly fee, you just pay for what you use. If you are unsure of which provider to go with then you might want to give these ago first as they’re commitment free.

Basic – pay as you go (no monthly fee)Standard – $10 per monthPremium – $35 per monthUltimate – $60 per month
Setup Fee$23$15$15$15
Address in USAYesYesYesYes
Free shipments per monthNoneNone1 up to $301 up to $60
Online PortalYesYesYesYes
Free Shipping ConsolidationYesYesYesYes
Storage Period30 days45 days60 days90 days
Scanning per letter$3 for 6 pages$3 for 6 pages$3 for 6 pages$3 for 6 pages
Scanning extra page$0.50$0.50$0.50$0.50
Fax reception$3$3$3$3
Shipment Insurance$2 for every $100$2 for every $100$2 for every $100$2 for every $100
Storage Fee – after period$1 per lb/month$1 per lb/month$1 per lb/month$1 per lb/month
Repacking fee (shared option)$5 per box$5 per box$5 per box$5 per box
Repacking fee (flat fee option)$5 per month$5 per month$5 per month$5 per month
Additional Names$5 per month$5 per month$5 per month$5 per month

3. Traveling Mailbox – Best for Virtual Mail

Traveling Mailbox

The traveling mailbox is an online mailbox for RVers and travellers, they will scan the envelope and you can decide what you want them to do with it. They can either open and scan it to you, shred it or save it for you.

They can also deposit checks at the bank for you. Their system is data encrypted for security and they have 24 hour surveillance to ensure your mail is secure.

You can choose between three plans: basic, extended and small business plan. The plan you pick will depend on how much mail you receive. 

$15 per month
$25 per month
Small Business
$55 per month
Incoming Envelopes / Month40100200
Page Scans / Month3580180
Mailbox Recipients3510
Open and Scan – Request the contents of your mail
to be scanned and view them in PDF Format!
Mail Forwarding – Keep your digital scans forever in
your account and get the physical copies delivered to
you anywhere!
Integrations – Send your PDF’s to services like Evernote,
Bill.com, Google Drive, and Dropbox with our Integrations!
Email Notifications – Receive an email every time you receive
new mail and when a task is completed.
Unlimited Cloud Storage – Unlimited cloud storage of your
Scanned Mail and PDF’s!
Shipping Discounts – Traveling mailbox provide great
shipping rates!
Apps – Access your Traveling Mailbox via our Apps on
Android and iOS or use our mobile site.
Parcel Forwarding – Receive packages from companies
like Amazon and we will forward them to you anywhere!
Virtual Office – Mail Letters and Send/Receive Faxes
directly from your Traveling Mailbox!
Check Deposit Services – Receive a check in the mail?
We will mail your checks directly to your bank to be deposited!
Quick Document Scanning – With QuickScan, you can
receive the contents of your envelopes within minutes!
Folders – Create and sort your mail into various folders
so you can keep your mail organized while you travel.
No Junk! – We will help you eliminate junk mail so you only
get mail in your mailbox that you want!
Customer Service – Live Customer Support available via
Phone, Live Chat and Email 7 days a week!

4. Good Sam Mail Service/My RV Mail – Best for Good Sam Members

My RV Mail

Good Sam is another membership service, they launched their mail service MyRVMail in 2003 to provide RVers a great mail forwarding experience.

Their mail service has evolved since the beginning and in 2017 they developed a state of the art mail facility to cope with the exploding demand.

If you are a Good Sam member then you will get up to 25% discounted pricing on some packages of their mail forwarding services. But My RV Mail is a great service in it’s own right.

Good Sam Mail service offers three packages with basic, premium and business. 

Physical street address in Florida, valid for Florida residency (if you want to become a resident)YesYesYes
Share your mailbox with the whole familyYesYesYes
State-of-the-art account management toolsYesYesYes
Shred and recycle unwanted mailYesYesYes
Turn your account off and on as neededYesYesYes
Automatically refill postage balance as neededYesYesYes
Access your account with our Android or iOS AppYesYesYes
Review mail by phone with live personYesYesYes
Ship your mail on your time, just when you need it or on a custom schedule YesYesYes
Change your forwarding address as often as you needNo limits on mail, no fees for incoming packages, and no storage feesYesYesYes
Automatic email summaries for new mail received each dayYesYesYes
Automatic email alerts for jury summons, court summons, or certified mailYesYesYes
Automatic email notifications for outgoing shipments with tracking informationYesYesYes
View front face of envelopes, packages, and magazinesNoYesYes
Included FREE envelope content scans per month ($2.50/ea above monthly limit)No510
Initiate check depositsNo$4.95FREE
Personal Toll-free/Local Phone and/or Fax numberNoNoYes
Call Forwarding NoNoYes
Send and Receive Faxes NoNoYes
Customizable voicemail greeting with text or custom audioNoNoYes

There are set up fees of $25 and a $30 deposit for postage costs. There are also a litany of additional fees, make sure you read through the list before you choose this system. If you receive a lot of packages the costs can add up quickly.

5. Dakota Post – Best for Fulltimers 

Dakota Post

Dakota post is based in South Dakota, they offer virtual and traditional mail forwarding services for RVers.

Dakota post keeps things simple and offers two plans, one for traditional mail forwarding and one for virtual mail forwarding. 

The traditional mail forwarding service starts at $13 per month and requires a set up fee of $25 and $100 deposit into your postage account. 

The virtual service starts at $19 per month and you can request items to be sent to you or scanned for an extra fee.

You can also add on a residency in South Dakota if you want to for tax reasons.

Virtual Mail Forwarding from $19 per monthTraditional Mail Forwarding from $13 per month
Online portal view mailYesYes
Junk mail filtered outYesYes
Access 24/7 to read, save, and delete mailYesNo
Mail forwarding worldwide at the frequency you require, via UPS, DHL, and FedExYesYes
Request mail to be opened and scannedYesNo
Safe and secure mail handlingYesYes
Concierge service, for DakotaPost to monitor your mail for a specific item and notify youNoYes – Extra $24 per year

What Is an RV Mail Forwarding Service?

An RV mail forwarding service is a way for you to receive mail and packages whilst you are RVing. It acts as a forwarding address, so you can have a physical address for your mail to be sent to. 

The mail forwarding service will receive the mail and packages for you. You can choose the service level you want from them, this can range from just forwarding the mail to you or scanning your copies and disposing of the letters. 

If the thought of nowhere for you to receive mail whilst you are on the road was stopping you from living your dream, then worry no more.

How Does an RV Mail Forwarding Service Work?

When you’re on the road in your RV you won’t have an address to receive mail, you can use a RV mail forwarding service to receive your mail for you.  You can choose what the RV mail service does with your mail once they receive it.

Most services offer different plans for your mail, these can range from forwarding your mail to you, or opening scanning and shredding your letters so you never have to physically handle them.

A lot of RV mail forwarding services are situated in Texas, Florida and South Dakota, these are popular domicile states for RVers because they don’t charge income tax. This makes them a good option to declare residency and hence why the RV mail forwarding services are based there.

You can have your forwarding address anywhere you want, whilst maintaining your residency in another state.

Why Do You Need An RV Mail Forwarding Service? 

Using an RV mail forwarding service prevents you from missing any important mail that you receive whilst RVing. It also stops your mail boxing overflowing or putting the burden on friends and family.

The US postal service only stores undelivered parcels for 10 days and mail for 30 days before disposing of them or returning to sender. So, if you’re not home you’ll need a mail forwarding service to ensure you receive everything.

Important mail like tax information, car registration documents and financial products can only be mailed to your domicile address. If you don’t have a forwarding address for these then they can get returned or lost. Things can escalate quickly if important mail like that slips through the net.

Having an RV mail forwarding service ensures that you will continue to receive your mail whilst you are not at home.

How Much Does an RV Mail Forwarding Service Cost?

The price you pay for your RV mail forwarding service will depend on the package you want. Mail forwarding services typically charge a monthly or annual fee, this can vary from $100 to $600.

Basic services start at around $10 per month and premium packages can cost up to $50 per month. The prices will vary depending on the services you choose and the provider you pick.

You will also have to pay for the postage to have the mail forwarded. You can get a postage account with the mail forwarding service and top it up when needed.

ReCap of RV Mail Forwarding Services

1. Escapees Mail Forwarding Service – Best for Escapee Members and Trusted Service

2. USA2Me – Best for Lots of packages and letters

3. Traveling Mailbox – Best for Virtual Mail

4. Good Sam Mail Service/My RV Mail – Best for Good Sam Members

5. Dakota Post – Best for Fulltimers 

Final Thoughts

These are the 5 best RV mail forwarding services available in the US. using these services will allow you to continue receiving mail whilst travelling and even set up a new US address.

You don’t need to worry about missing any invitations or packages, you can keep track of everything via your online mail portal and choose what you want to do with your mail.

If you are still unsure of which service to pick, I’d recommend the USA2Me basic package, as it’s pay as you go, so there’s no monthly commitment.

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