5 Best RV Toilets in 2024 [Buying Guide]

Replacing your RV toilet can be a nightmare, but we have researched all the RV toilets out there and reviewed the 5 best ones.

Our favorite RV toilet is the Dometic High Profile 320 Series Gravity Discharge Toilet it’s really comfortable, easy to install and looks great.

It can be tricky when trying to find the best RV toilets because of the limited space and installation, but there is a toilet to fit every style in our review …

RV Toilets Top Picks

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Best RV Toilet Reviews

Dometic High Profile 320 Series Gravity Discharge Toilet – Best Overall

Dometic is one of the best brands for RV toilets, they also produce a lot of other RV appliances like holding tanks, so they know their stuff.

This toilet is our best overall, it looks amazing just like a residential toilet. It also has a ceramic bowl, so there is no staining and it’s really easy to clean. 

It also comes with a hand sprayer to make the cleaning as easy as possible.

It’s 18 inches high and has a wooden toilet seat so it’s as comfortable as the toilet you have at home.

The rim design stops spills and the power flush is really water efficient only needing one pint of water for a full flush.

It’s also easy to install with an easy two-bolt system and a quick access water connection.

There is also an ergonomic foot pedal that’s easy to use and will also save water. Press it half down to fill the bowl and press it fully to flush.

This is a great overall RV toilet that we’re sure you’d be happy with.


  • Looks Great – it could be mistaken for your home toilet.
  • Ceramic Bowl – for easy spotless cleaning.
  • Easy to Use – especially the ergonomic flush petal.
  • Comfortable – the elongated and wooden seat make this super comfortable.
  • Lightweight – at just 39lbs it won’t weigh your RV down.


  • Price – there are cheaper toilets out there, but this is an excellent toilet for the price.

Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet – Best for Composting

If you want to do your bit for the environment and get a composting toilet, then they don’t come any better than this Nature’s Head toilet.

This is by far the most expensive toilet in our review, but it’s also the only toilet that will separate your waste and compost the solids so they can be added back to the soil.

This toilet is one of the most comfortable composting toilets out there, it’s high profile and has a comfortable elongated seat. The comfortable seat is needed as you’ll have to sit down to use the toilet – even when peeing for all the men out there.

It’s also made for boats and RVs, so it’s really durable and has hard wearing stainless steel fixings so it will be able to take the wear and tear that comes with RVing.

The Nature’s Head composting toilet does a really good job at keeping the smells contained. There is a low volume air circulation fan built into the head, this draws the smelly air out of the RV.

When the compost needs to be emptied, the container comes away easily from the bowl and is lightweight enough to empty easily. 

However, it’s not for the faint of heart and emptying the urine tank is often smellier and has to be done more often, sometimes every other day.

With all that said if you have the budget and want a composting toilet then you can’ get much better than Nature’s Head.


  • Environmentally friendly – will turn your waste into compost.
  • Water Consumption – you won’t need any water to use this toilet.
  • Durable – made from hard plastic and stainless steel fixings.
  • Comfortable – the high profile and elongated seat make this toilet really comfy.
  • Easy Installation – this toilet is really easy to install and empty.


  • Expensive – this is the most expensive toilet in the review, however the price range isn’t too bad for a composting toilet.
  • Emptying the tanks – you are going to need some land to dump the soil.

Porta Potti – Best for Portability

This portable toilet by Thetford is the gold standard of portable toilets. The seat height is great and comfortable, it doesn’t feel like you’re sat on a portable toilet.

It also features a larger bowl size and a battery powered flush which keeps the bowl clean and makes it feel more homely. 

The curved design means the toilet can hold more waste without looking bulky, it can handle up to 50 flushes before it needs emmptying.

When it does need emptying, it’s really quick and easy. You simply unclip the waste tank, open the cap and pour out the waste. 

The whole toilet is odorless and leak proof when in use, it even has a hidden compartment on the back for a toilet roll.


  • Looks great – as far as portable toilets go, this one is a beauty.
  • Comfortable – the height and large bowl make this comfortable to use – even for people over 6 foot.
  • Easy to Use – the automatic flush and the emptying system make it simple and quick to clean.


  • The automatic flush – this is not so much a con but you should realise that it just fills the bowl with water rather than flushing the system. You have to open the waste valve separately.

Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet – Best for High Profile

If budget is a main priority for you then this high profile toilet from Thetford is a great option, it’s the cheapest toilet in the review.

The Aqua-Magic V toilet is also available in a low profile, so you can pick which one you prefer. This review will concentrate on the high profile version.

This toilet is made specifically for RVs, it’s made of hard plastic so it’s lightweight and will easily handle life on the road.

It’s really comfortable to use and looks like a standard house toilet, the large floor pedal is also really easy to use. Like the portable toilet a half press will fill the bowl and a full push will flush the bowl.

Thetford are so sure that this toilet will last you for years that they provide a 3 year warranty with every toilet, also everything needed to install is included in the box.


  • Looks good – like a regular household toilet.
  • Affordable – it’s the cheapest version in our review.
  • Easy to use – really easy to install (can be installed in 30 minutes) and easy to use.
  • Lightweight – it’s only 9.4lbs, so you’re RV will barely even notice it’s there.


  • The bowl is quite shallow so watch out for the dreaded splashback.
  • A hand sprayer is not included.

Dometic 321 Series Low Profile RV Toilet – Best for Low Profile

If a low profile toilet is what you’re looking for then this is the best one out there. It’s the low profile version of our best overall!

It has the same features as the Dometic 320 including the ceramic bowl, elongated seat, flush pedal and water usage.

The height is 15 inches, which is great if you prefer the lower height toilets, or are shorter and want to have your feet on the floor when going.

The low profile can also be better if the toilet is being installed onto a platform, so is naturally raised anyway.

It also comes with a hand sprayer so the ceramic bowl will always be sparkling clean.


  • Looks Great – it could be mistaken for a mini home toilet.
  • Ceramic Bowl – for easy spotless cleaning.
  • Easy to Use – especially the ergonomic flush petal.
  • Comfortable – the elongated and wooden seat make this super comfortable.
  • Lightweight – at just 37lbs it won’t weigh your RV down.


  • Price – there are cheaper low profile toilets out there, but this is an excellent toilet for the price.

RV Toilet

How To Pick The Best RV Toilet – Buying Guide

Like everything RV related there are a number of factors to consider when purchasing an RV toilet. 

You’ll be spending a lot of time with this toilet and so you’ll want to pick the best one to suit you and your RV.

This buying guide will detail all the different factors to consider when buying an RV toilet, so you pick your perfect porcelain throne.

Different Types of Toilets for Your RV

You’ll be shocked to realise that you can choose from 6 different types of RV toilet, I know I was. Let’s have a quick run through each type of toilet you can choose from for your RV.

  1. Traditional Gravity Flush RV Toilet

We’ll start with the most common and recognisable type of RV toilet – the gravity flush toilet. As the name suggests it uses gravity to pull the waste from the toilet down into the black tank.

It’s similar to a household toilet except it doesn’t have water in the bowl. It can only be used when there is a water supply, either from a city water connection or from an RV water tank.

2. Macerating Flush RV Toilet

A macerating flush toilet has motor-powered blades to chop up the waste before it makes its way into the black tank. 

This type of toilet will help to prevent blockages as the waste in the holding tank is more fluid and so will flow better down the sewer hose.

3. Vacuum Flush RV Toilet

Like the macerating flush toilet the vacuum flush toilet has a macerator to break up the waste, but it also has a vacuum pump to effectively clear the toilet bowl. 

The vacuum make the flush more powerful to ensure everything ends up in the holding tank rather than the system.

4. Portable RV Toilet

The portable RV toilet is perfect if your RV doesn’t have a wet room. They are small and compact so can be used in small campers or tents.

But, they don’t connect to the sewage system so you will have to pour the contents into the sewer dump or down a residential toilet. Not for the faint of heart.

Also because they are so small you will need to empty them quite often.

5. Cassette RV Toilet

A cassette toilet is similar to the portable one, as the waste goes directly into a cassette holding tank which you then empty by pouring it down the toilet or sewer.

These types of RV toilets are more likely to be fixed in one place and they can hold a slightly larger capacity than the portable toilet. The cassette holding tank takes on average 5 gallons of waste, so you will still have to dump this regularly. 

Like the portable toilet these can also stink out your RV.

6. Composting RV toilet

Composting toilets are a great choice for environmentally friendly off-grid RVers. 

They don’t use any water so are perfect for boondocking and off-grid RV living. They also manage to separate the solids and liquids, the solids are then transformed into humus (not to be confused with hummus) and can be incorporated into the soil.

Surprisingly, when they are used correctly they don’t smell, they usually have an exhaust hole and fan connection to eliminate smells.

RV Toilets

Main Factors To Consider Before Buying An RV Toilet

These are the main factors to consider when purchasing a toilet for your motorhome.

Plumbed or Portable?

From the types of RV toilet outlined above, there are two clear varieties, plumbed in or portable toilets.

Plumbed in toilets are connected to you RVs water tank and sewer system and so they are permanently installed in your RV bathroom. They are similar to toilets in residential houses but may have different flushing techniques.

Portable toilets are as you might have guessed – not plumbed in. The waste goes directly into an attached holding tank. Because they are portable they are lighter, smaller and more compact.

If you want a permanent solution for your RV then go for the plumbed in version, it’s the most comfortable and easy to use.

If you want a more flexible option or have limited space (no bathroom) then go for the portable version.

Toilet Height and Size

As with everything in the RV world, space is limited. Therefore you need to consider the space you have available, the height and size of the toilet.

Obviously you’re going to need to know the amount of space you have available to install a toilet, even if you’re replacing an old toilet take measurements.

You will also need to consider the height of the toilet, generally there are two main options: high profile or low profile. High profile toilets are taller and low profile are shorter.

Make sure you know the measurements with the door open, you don’t want to install the toilet and then figure out that the door won’t open – this happens more than you’d think.

The height and width of the toilet are the most important measurements to know. Make sure that you choose an RV toilet that will fit the space that you have.

Don’t forget to account for the space for the lever on the side, make sure that you’re leaving enough room for you to flush the toilet.


The capacity of the RV toilet is another essential to consider. This choice is dependent on your needs, how many travellers will there be, and how long are your RV trips? The answer to questions like these will give you an idea on how big of a waste tank you need.


Be kind to yourself and look for an RV toilet system that’s easy to install. Although they are not too difficult, the space can be an issue and make it tricky.

Look for two-bolt mounting, interchangeable components and easy-to-access water connections to make your life easier.

Make a note of how your old RV toilet is fitted whilst you are disconnecting it as it’s likely you’ll be doing the same but in reverse.

Make sure that you have the proper pipe fittings to hook your new RV toilet upto the water source and the hose connection to the holding tank. This is probably the hardest part of installing the toilet so making sure that you have everything ready just makes it a little bit easier.

Don’t forget to have towels at the ready for the grand turning on of the water.

Of course a portable or composting toilet will be much easier and quicker to install as there is no need for any connections.


You want to make sure that you get the most durable toilet your budget can afford, you don’t want to make a habit of replacing toilets.

Probably the best and most common material that RV toilets are made from is hard plastic.

Hard plastic is ideal for toilets in RVs because it’s lightweight, durable and offers a little flexibility for the inevitable bumps that come with being on the road.

Most portable and compostable toilets will be made from plastic.

You can get porcelain RV toilets which can feel more luxurious than the plastic versions, but they are more expensive and not as flexible.

Flushing Mechanism

There are a few different types of flushing toilets that you can choose from – gravity, macorating and vacuum flush. These are described above in the types of toilets.

What this section is mainly about is how the flush is performed, you can either choose from a hand lever or a foot-pedal to flush the toilet.

Which one is best for you is mainly personal preference, the foot pedals require less movement (bending down to push the hand lever). But that’s really the only difference, it’s just something to be aware of.

Obviously a composting toilet and a portable toilet will have their own flushing mechanism or hand sprayer – check the specification that this is included.

Ease of Emptying

If you do opt for a portable toilet or a compostable one then you want to know that it will be quick and easy to empty.

Poorly designed ones will be messy and dirty – you don’t want to be splashed with the contents of the tank.

The best way to find out how easy the toilet is to empty is to read some reviews, make sure that its quick, easy and hygienic to empty.

Best RV Toilets

RV Toilets FAQs

If you’ve still got some questions about finding your perfect RV toilet then don’t worry, we’ve answered some of the most common questions below.

Can You Put A Regular Toilet In An RV?

In a word – No.

Regular toilets are made of porcelain that won’t take well to RVing. They also don’t have the low water usage that RV toilets have, not to mention that the fixings and connections are likely in the wrong places. They are also not fixed down enough to handle being on the road.

How Much Weight Can An RV Toilet Support?

Each toilet will have their own weight limit, so make sure that you check this in the product details. Most toilets will usually be able to easily handle weights up to 300lbs.

What are the benefits of a composting toilet?

Composting toilets don’t need any water, so won’t drain your water supply (or electric) when off grid.

They are also more eco friendly as the waste (when broken down) can be added back to the soil.

Is special toilet paper required? 

Yes. You can buy RV toilet paper that breaks down quicker in water to prevent clogs.

If you can, try to not flush any paper down the toilet, you can have a paper bin next to the toilet.

How do I fix a clogged toilet?

Even if you do use the special RV toilet paper the toilet can become clogged. Luckily you can fix it.

Open the valve and pour boiling water in, this should help break down the toilet paper.

If that doesn’t work there are chemical solutions that you can use to break down the blockage.

How often do I need to empty the compartments from a composting toilet?

This really depends on how often it’s being used. Usually the solids compartment can hold 60 to 80 uses. The liquid compartment will need to be emptied more often, as it will fill up quicker.

Is there a way to keep the toilet from smelling?

Good working RV toilets shouldn’t smell. If your RV toilet starts to wiff then there could be a leak or the holding tank may be damaged. Check thank all fittings are tight and there are no leaks, and that there are no blockages in the system.

What are the best RV toilet brands?

Thetford – are the leading manufacturers of RV toilets and sanitation products, they are probably the most recognized RV toilet brand.
Dometic – these are a great RV toilet brand, they also manufacture holding tanks, RV fridges, furnaces and AC units.
Nature’s Head – This is the most reliable brand of RV composting toilet out there.

RV Toilets Recap

Dometic High Profile 320 Series Gravity Discharge Toilet – Best Overall

Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet – Best for Composting

Porta Potti – Best for Portability

Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet – Best for High Profile

Dometic 321 Series Low Profile RV Toilet – Best for Low Profile

Final Thoughts

So our award for best RV toilet goes to Dometic High Profile 320 Series Gravity Discharge Toilet. it’s really comfortable, easy to install and looks great so ticks all the boxes.

If you have a budget and want an eco-friendly composting toilet then the Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet is the way to go.

Just make sure that you take your bathroom measurements because you only want to install a toilet once.

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