10 Best RV Vacuums for 2024 [Buying Guide]

Dirt is easily tracked into your RV, even opening the windows allows dust, sand, pollen, and other similar particles in.

To keep on top of all this mess you’re going to need an awesome RV vacuum to keep it looking in tip-top shape.

The best RV vacuums are small, lightweight, easy to use, and have great suction power.

Luckily for you, I have thoroughly researched all the RV vacuums on the market and carefully selected the best RV vacuums out there..

From this research, I have concluded that the HP Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System is the best overall RV vacuum system.

Best RV Vacuums – Top Picks

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10 Best RV Vacuum Reviews

These are the best RV vacuums that are currently available, there are various types here so you will find the right vacuum to suit your needs.

HP Products Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System – Best Overall

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I love this RV vacuum! The HP Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System has a great suction power which is at the higher end of the scale, at 100 cubic feet per minute. 

As this system is built in you just connect the hose (that expands from 7 to 35 feet) and attach the head that you want and you’re away. There’s nothing to lug around or trip over, so it’s super easy to use.

The noise is probably the biggest factor with this vacuum as it is quite loud, but that’s because of the high suction power.

The collection capacity is huge, at one gallon, this RV vacuum can hold a lot of dirt! 


  • High Suction
  • Easy to Use
  • Huge collection capacity
  • Smart Storage


  • Has to be installed (although this is straightforward)
  • Noisy

Oreck Commercial Pro Vacuum – Best Value

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The Oreck Commercial Vacuum is a great compact RV vacuum, don’t be fooled by its size, it has great suction power. 

It’s really easy to use, you just carry it on your back with the strap and use the hose to clean up the dirt. The best thing is you can pretend you’re a ghostbuster whilst cleaning your RV. It has an adjustable extension wand and a 4-foot hose. It’s only 5 pounds so it’s easy to carry around.

It is corded though, so you’ve to watch that trip hazard whilst you’re busting the dust.

The collection capacity isn’t bad for its size at 1-quart.


  • High Suction
  • Easy to Use
  • Huge collection capacity
  • Small 


  • Shoulder Strap can break easily
  • Corded

Shark WANDVAC Vacuum – Best For Size

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The Shark WANDVAC Vacuum looks pretty cool, it’s sleek and small so won’t take up much space in your RV. 

Although it’s small it does have great suction and can zero in on tight spaces, it has a duster crevice tool and a multi-surface tool to clean every part of your RV.

It’s also really lightweight, so easy to just pick up and spot clean if you see a ball of fluff out of the corner of your eye. 

It charges quickly and the battery lasts for 10 minutes on high power.


  • High Suction
  • Easy to Use
  • Converts to handheld + accessories


  • Expensive
  • Bulky for RVs

BISSELL Hand Vacuum – Best Handheld

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The Bissell vacuum is a brilliant handheld, another small but powerful vacuum cleaner, but this one is cordless!

Super easy to use, you can attach the different heads and take it anywhere in your RV with ease.

The lithium ion battery has a great life, and will last for 2 or 3 10-12 minute dirt-busting sessions.

The bin is big and easy to empty, it also has triple level filtration that will help with cleaning performance and allergies.

It also has a set of accessories to help with pet hair, upholstery, and crevices, making it a great RV allrounder.


  • High Suction
  • Easy to Use
  • Huge collection capacity
  • Small 
  • Good battery life


  • Weighs 4.5 pounds so can get a bit heavy after 15 minutes use.

Dyson V11 Vacuum Cleaner – Best Cordless

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The Dyson V11  is the most powerful vacuum on the list, it’s lightweight and cordless – what more do you need?

It’s really easy to use, and it can convert into a handheld for upholstery. There are other attachments too so you can get into all the crevices for a deeper clean.

The battery lasts up to 40 minutes, but if you have it on maximum power it will shorten the battery life quite dramatically. However, 20 minutes is more than enough time to give the RV a good vacuum.


  • High Suction
  • Easy to Use
  • Small
  • Great design


  • Noisy

Wowgo Vacuum Cleaner – Best For Noise

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The Wowgo vacuum cleaner is the budget version of the Dyson V8, it has the same features but is a fifth of the price. It also prides itself on being extremely quiet. If a quiet vacuum is an important feature for you then this is the vacuum for you.

This vacuum is a powerhouse. The LED lights are great and help you see the dust under cabinets and beds etc.

It’s lightweight and can be converted into a handheld and has various attachments.

The battery is also detachable, which is useful as you can have two where one is always fully charged and ready to go.


  • High Suction
  • Easy to Use
  • Quiet
  • Detachable Battery


  • Bulky for RV

ORFELD Vacuum – Best for Versatility

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The Orfeld vacuum is easy to maneuver, with a 180° folding handle that freely rotates and folds down to go under the furniture and for storage.

This RV vacuum can be used as a cordless upright or a handheld, it has multiple attachments for cleaning all the nooks of your RV. The dirt bin is easy to empty.

It’s also really quiet so you can clean peacefully with less disturbance to family and pets. The digital motor reduces noise to 65dB.

Overall it’s a great affordable option to have in your RV.


  • Easy to Use
  • Quiet
  • Multi Uses and types in 1 Vacuum
  • Foldable for easier storage


  • Suction on carpets is ok 
  • Attachments can be fiddly 

Vapamore MR-50 Vacuum Combo – Best For Steam

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The Vapamore MR-50 vacuum combo is the only handheld steam vacuum cleaner on the market, and comes with a lifetime warranty. 

If you have pets or young children in your RV and therefore have a lot of spills and stains then this little steam vac will be really useful. It’s effective on all types of pet spills, stains and soils. Spills are cleaned instantly with a high temperature 210 degree steam that is 100% chemical-free, protecting your family and pets from harmful chemicals and dirt that lives in old stains and spills.

This steamer is great for smaller stains and spills! 

It is a bit fussy and works best in a horizontal position, so it’s better for smaller spills. It’s also quite heavy for a handheld at 6 pounds.


  • Easy to Use
  • Deep Clean
  • Multi Uses and types in 1 Vacuum
  • Small for storage


  • Heavy
  • Only for small spills

WORKSHOP Vacuum – Best For Wet and Dry

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This WORKSHOP wet/dry vac comes widely praised for its performance and versatility. As it’s designed for commercial use it has a really high suction power of 17KPa.

It has a wet/dry versatility that can clean dust or food particles & liquid without any issues which is good, especially if you have little kids or pets running around.

The rechargeable battery lasts 15 to 30 minutes depending on what setting you use it on, but it does take about 8 hours to fully charge.

One feature that this has which will come in useful with RVing is the blower setting, you can easily blow away leaves and debris outside your RV to set up your outside space.

As it’s cordless and lightweight this vac is easy to move around and clean different areas.


  • High Suction
  • Easy to Use
  • Wet, Dry and Blower functions
  • Small for storage
  • Cordless


  • Long battery charging time

VonHaus Stick Vacuum – Best For Price

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If money is a concern when you’re looking for an RV vacuum then look no further. The VonHaus Vacuum is a great vacuum for the price.

This vac does everything that you’d want it to do, it has good suction and easily picks up hairs, crumbs, debri and dust from the hard floor and carpet.

It’s lightweight and slim, so good for storage. 

It is a corded vacuum though so it can be a bit tricky maneuvering it around the RV, even when you use it as a handheld you have to be aware of the cord following you around. However, it does have a shoulder strap so that does make it easier to carry.


  • Cheap
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Handheld function


  • Corded
  • Bulky for RV
Best RV Vacuums

How to Find the Best RV Vacuum – Buying Guide

To get the best vacuum for your needs, there are several factors to consider. 

Everyone will have different wants and needs from their RV vacuum, luckily we have researched everything there is to know about RV vacuums so you don’t have to. 

The key features for you to keep in mind are:


Suction is probably the most important factor when it comes to choosing a vacuum, after all what’s the point of it if it can’t pick a crumb up from the floor?

Essentially the higher the suction power, then the better the vacuum is at removing dirt from different surfaces. A higher suction power doesn’t necessarily mean a stronger motor, the design of the vacuum helps here too. 

The quickest and easiest way to test the suction power of a vacuum is to switch it on and turn it to maximum carpet mode, then place the vacuum head against the wall. If it stays in place then you have a high suction vacuum.

However, it’s not practical to do this with every vacuum you come across, you’ll get some funny looks if you do this in the store. So, manufacturers use measurements to show the suction power.

These are shown in several units: Watts, Amps, CFM (cubic feet per minute) or AW (Air Watts). [1]

CFM (Airflow) –  The higher the CFM the higher the suction, look for a vacuum between 50 to 100CFM.

AW (Air Watts) –  An upright should have at least 100AW and a canister 220AW.

Watts – The most common value provided, the higher the watts the more suction. 

Amps – Again the higher the amps the higher the power, beware that the more feature the vacuum has like lights then the more amps these take up. For example a 12 amp vacuum, will have 1.5 amps consumed by the nozzle and 0.5 amp for the LEDs then the motor only draws 10 amps for the suction.

Ease of Use

The ease of use is another important factor to consider when choosing an RV vacuum, as you’ll see from our top picks above RV vacuums are smaller and lighter than the typical household vacuum.

Avoid big upright and canister vacuums for your RV, they’ll take up too much space and will just be a hassle to use.

Also avoid vacuums with loads of add ons, and just go for straightforward models. There’s no point paying for gadgets that you’re never going to use.

From our research, cordless lightweight handheld vacuum cleaners are the easiest to use, especially in the small RV spaces.

If ease of use is the most important factor to you (and why wouldn’t it be) then the RV central vacuum systems are hands down the best!


Every RV vacuum is going to make a noise, but some can be quieter than others. It’s up to you if this is an important factor, maybe the only time you get to vacuum is when the kids are asleep so you need a quieter one.

Unfortunately, the vacuums with the biggest motor often make the loudest noise. Most vacuums are between 70 and 80 decibels.

To get a general idea of noise levels:

NoiseAverage decibels (dB)
Leaves rustling, soft music, whisper30
Average home noise40
Normal conversation, background music60
Office noise, inside car at 60 mph70
Vacuum cleaner, average radio75
Heavy traffic, window air conditioner, noisy restaurant, power lawn mower80–89 (sounds above 85 dB are harmful)
Subway, shouted conversation90–95
Boom box, ATV, motorcycle96–100

Table provided by https://www.uofmhealth.org/health-library/tf4173 

As RVs are small spaces, it’s best to have a quieter vacuum where possible.

Best RV Vacuum


When it comes to buying products for your RV, size is everything. RVs don’t have much storage space so you’re going to want a vacuum that can easily fit into a cabinet or closet.

When looking at buying an RV vacuum you’re going to want to have an idea of where you’re going to store it, and shortlist vacuums according to their size.

Upright, canister and wet/dry vacs tend to take up more room, and handhelds the least. 

A central vacuum system will need space for installation, this is usually underneath a cabinet, so it isn’t to the detriment of other useful storage. 

Don’t forget about the accessories that come with it, they’ll need storing too.

Collection Capacity

And finally we come to collection capacity, the collection capacity determines how often you’ll need to empty the vacuum. I’m always forgetting to empty my vac, so I get vacuums with the largest capacity available.

Another benefit of having a larger capacity is that your vacuum will have better airflow. The better airflow means better cleaning ability. [2]

Types of RV Vacuums

There are five types of RV vacuums, central vacuum systems, handhelds, wet and dry vacuums, steam vacs, and upright/canister vacuums.

We’ve included at least one of each type in our review.

RV Central Vacuum Systems – This type of vacuum is fantastic for RVs. They collect all the hair, dust and debris into a central location that only needs to be emptied every couple of months depending on how much you use it.

They are also super convenient, and can be stored under seats, under cabinets or in closets so will save tons of storage space.

Handheld Vacuums – Handheld vacuums are also great for RVs, because they are so compact. The only problem with these is cleaning the floor space (if it’s carpeted) will be quite a workout. However they are great for the hard to reach spaces.

Steam RV Vacuums – A steam vacuum is great for getting tough stains out, so if you have pets or kids in your RV you might need one of these. They will kill germs and deodorize bad smells.

Wet and Dry RV Vacuums – This type of RV vacuum tends to be bigger and bulkier than the others, but they are the most versatile. They can clean up wet messes as good as they clean up dirt and dry debris.

Upright or Canister RV Vacuum – These are more like the standard household vacuums, but you can get foldable upright vacuums that take up less space. They will also make it easier to clean the RV floor, unlike the handheld. If you have a larger RV then this might be a better option than a handheld.

Think about what you’re going to use your vacuum for and pick the type that suits your needs most.

Corded Cleaners Vs Cordless Cleaners

Which one is better for your RV? Corded or cordless vacuums.

Corded Vacuums – As you can probably guess, these are vacuums that have a cord and so are plugged in. They are similar to household vacuum cleaners but will have different accessories to clean the intricate parts of an RV. They can be cumbersome and the cord makes it difficult to clean effectively without getting caught up.

Cordless Vacuums – Again you can probably guess that these are vacuum cleaners without a cord. They also tend to be smaller and lighter, making them better for RV cleaning.

Recap The Best 10 RV Vacuums

HP Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System (Best Overall)

Oreck Commercial Vacuum (Best Value)

Shark WANDVAC Vacuum (Best smallest size)

BISSELL Cordless Hand Vacuum (Best Handheld)

Dyson V11 Vacuum (Best Cordless)

Wowgo Vacuum (Best for Noise)

ORFELD Cordless Vacuum (Best for Versatility)

Vapamore MR-50 Vacuum (Best Steam Vacuum)

WORKSHOP Wet and Dry Vacuum (Best Wet and Dry Vacuum)

VonHaus Vacuum (Best for Price)

RV Vacuums – FAQ

What should I spend on an RV vacuum?

Like with everything else – you buy cheap, you buy twice. I’ve fallen for this so many times. 

Run through the features in the buying guide and decide what features are important for you. The best RV vacuum for you doesn’t have to be the most expensive vacuum.

What should I do to keep my vacuums in shape?

When you purchase your RV vacuum you’ll receive a detailed manual for maintaining the appliance. A general rule of thumb to keep your vacuum performing well is:

– Replace the Bag Regularly (making sure it’s attached properly) or Empty the Bin regularly.
– Clean the Brush Roll regularly
– Check the belt that keeps the roll in place, make sure it’s fitting correctly.
– Check the filters & hoses – these may need replacing

How to use a built-in vacuum system?

An RV built-in vacuums are usually stored in a compartment under a cabinet or seat, they have hose attachments that you can connect and vacuum the RV with.

Central vacuum systems are powerful and have great suction, they also have a large capacity so don’t need to be emptied for a while.

Do I need an RV Vacuum?

This depends how often you use your RV. If you only go out every once in a while and are happy to clean your RV with your house vacuum after you return home then a handheld vacuum will be more than enough.

If you spend more than a few weekends a year in your RV or are a full-timer then you will definitely want an RV vacuum. 

Final Thoughts

The best RV vacuum is the HP Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System. Once you have this system installed in your RV you won’t regret it. It’s super easy to use and maintain, and most importantly powerful enough to keep your RV spotless!

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