6 Best Small Travel Trailers With Slide Outs

There’s nothing better than getting away from it all in your RV with family or friends. We all know that size is everything when it comes to RVs. Whilst a Class A RV would be awesome, for most of us it’s just a dream. 

That’s why I have researched the best small travel trailers with slide outs. These small travel trailers are affordable and you don’t have to compromise on space, so you can go on trips with your family and friends.

Picking the right trailer for you can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time. Small travel trailer with slide outs are a great option, as they offer extra space when parked. 

Slideouts are a fantastic feature for a small travel trailer, but you want to make sure that the trailer you pick is of the highest quality. There are lots of variations and features to choose from. So we’ve picked the best 6 to get you started in your hunt.

The best small travel trailers with slide outs are:

We’ve spent days researching the market, forums and reviews to find the best small travel trailers with slide outs on the market today. 

Hopefully you will find the right compact trailer for your needs in this article.

7 Best Small Travel Trailers with Slide Outs

1. Sportsmen Classic 151RB Travel Trailer

The Sportsmen classic is a great little trailer, it’s just under 18 foot long at 17 feet and 11inches. It’s also budget friendly, second hand ones can be bought from as cheap as $14,000. 

Despite its small size, this travel trailer is packed with features that make the most out of every inch. 

The slide out fits a sofa that can be made into a bed or a dining area, depending on which floor plan you prefer.

There are 14 different floor plans that you can pick from so you are sure to find one that suits your needs. Some plans even have enough sleeping for 6 people, which is incredible for such a small travel trailer.

It has all the features you might expect including a kitchen and bathroom, some models even have a bath!

The Classic is really lightweight, and because it’s so small it’s really easy to tow. So its perfect for a beginner who’s new to towing a travel trailer.

The slide out mechanism is really simple to use and although it doesn’t look like much from the outside it makes a massive impact inside.

Key Features

  • Kitchenette, sofa, full size bed, refrigerator, TV, sink, bath.
  • 17 feet 11 inches.
  • 14 different layouts to choose from
  • Slide out of 18 Inches
  • 54” x 80” Bed
  • Sleeping capacity of up to 6 individuals
  • Can carry 20 gallons of fresh water

2. Jayco Hummingbird

The Jayco Hummingbird is an excellent little travel trailer, it’s sure to make your RVing trips fun and easy. It’s super lightweight and compact but has everything you need to make sure that your camping trip is comfortable and stylish.

There are 7 different floor plans that you can choose from, ranging from 13 foot to 20 foot in length. My favorite is the 17RB floor plan as I think it makes the most of the space available and puts the slide out to the best use.

They are all lightweight which makes then easy to maneuver and fit into smaller space, which is probably why most people opt for a small travel trailer.

All models come with a kitchen, the smallest version has the kitchen in the rear of the trailer, which is a great use of the limited space.

The smallest trailer can sleep 2 people comfortably, but the bigger models can sleep up to 4. The bigger models also have bathrooms, dinettes and interior kitchens.

Overall it’s a very well made small travel trailer; compact but perfectly livable and functional. The slide out is also one of the biggest of all the trailers in the review, and makes a huge difference to the living area.

Key Features

  • Unloaded weight 1,545 to 3,015lbs
  • From 13 to 20 feet depending on model
  • Sleeps 2 to 4 people depending on model
  • Kitchenette, refrigerator, TV, sink, wetroom/bathroom.
  • 7 different layouts to choose from
  • Queen Bed
  • Can carry 26 gallons of fresh water
  • Built in awning

3. Forest River R-Pod RP-190

The Forest River R-Pod RP-190 makes use of every inch of the available space. It’s only 20 feet and 4 inches long but has a kitchen, shower room, dinette and queen bed.

The design is clean and efficient and fits a lot of amenities into the small footprint. There is plenty of built in storage too which is really useful.

The slide out works at the push of a button and contains the kitchen, so when the slide out is out it opens up a corridor to get to the bathroom and bed.

The unloaded weight is only 2,979 lbs so it’s really lightweight and easy to tow and maneuver. 

The R-Pod RP-190 can sleep up to 4 people as the dinette area can be converted into another bed. 

There are also outside speakers built in and a TV in the entrance area so you won’t be short of entertainment when camping in the R Pod.

Key Features

  • Kitchenette, dinette, queen size bed, refrigerator, TV, sink, shower.
  • 20 feet 4 inches.
  • Slide out of 18 Inches
  • 54” x 80” Bed
  • Sleeping capacity of up to 4 individuals
  • Can carry 30 gallons of fresh water

4. KZ Escape E160RBT

If you want to sleep a lot of people (up to 7or 8) but still want a small trailer then the KZ escape E160RBT is a fantastic option.

The new version has two pull outs that convert into queen size beds, there is a dinette that converts into a bed and a jackknife sofa that also converts, so there is ample sleeping room.

It has plenty of amenities including a bluetooth media centre, convection oven and 2 burner stove. The refrigerator is large and the kitchen has a big deep single sink.

There is also plenty of storage space including drawers, and a large pantry/wardrobe.

A 10 inch awning makes the most of the outside space, with motion detector lights and a wind sensor.

The unloaded weight is 2,880 lbs so like the others in this list it’s super lightweight and easy to maneuver as it’s only 19 foot 2 inches long.

It also has a shower and toilet, so everything that you need fitted into a smart compact trailer.

 Key Features

  • Kitchenette, dinette, queen size bed, refrigerator, sink, shower.
  • 19 feet 2 inches.
  • Slide out beds
  • Sleeping capacity of up to 8 individuals
  • Can carry 20 gallons of fresh water

5. Forest River Independence Trail 172BHDS

Another brilliant small travel trailer with a slide out from Forest River is the Independence Trail 172BHDS, it is slightly bigger than 20 foot at 20 foot and 5 inches long. But it is packed full of useful space and can sleep up to 8 people.

As you can see from the floor plan it has a queen bed, bunk beds and a dinette that can convert. This provides comfortable sleeping for 8 people and is a bit easier to move about when everything is converted than the KZ Escape.

It also has a 12” awning to make the most of the outside space, there are also outside speakers so you can be entertained outside. The media centre is all bluetooth compatible.

The only downside is that the bathroom doesn’t have a sink to save space, so you will have to use the kitchen sink to wash your hands.

 Key Features

  • Kitchenette, dinette, queen size bed, refrigerator, sink, shower.
  • 20 feet 5 inches.
  • Slide out dinette
  • Sleeping capacity of up to 8 individuals
  • Can carry 27 gallons of fresh water

6. Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro

The Geo Pro is tailored towards boondocking, complete with solar and power friendly appliances. 

This trailer will comfortably sleep up to 4 people, as the sofa can convert into a bed. The interior is light and well built with plenty of appliances including a large refrigerator, microwave, oven, 2 hobs, large sink and TV.

There is also an 11” awning so you can enjoy your outdoor space.

The unloaded weight is 3,375lbs so it’s easy to tow and maneuver. 

This trailer does feel quite spacious inside, they have done a really good job with the interior to make it feel bigger than what it is.

 Key Features

  • Kitchenette, dinette, queen size bed, refrigerator, sink, shower, sofa.
  • 20 feet 2 inches.
  • Slide out sofa/dinette
  • Sleeping capacity of up to 4 individuals
  • Can carry 31 gallons of fresh water

Final Thoughts

Opting for a small travel trailer doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style and comfort. These travel trailers with slide outs make effective use of the space available.

These 6 small travel trailers are all around 20 foot long, but with the slide outs some can sleep up to 8 people.

If you worry about RV storage space and maneuvering then I’d recommend having a look at one of these trailers, especially if you are new to RVing. They will make the adjustment to towing easier as they are light and compact.

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