Why Are RV Interiors Brown?

So you’re on the hunt for an RV, whether you’re looking for a brand new or a used RV you’ll keep coming across the same brown interior. Why are RV interiors brown?

If you love browns and beige then most RVs will be right up your street, however these colors do seem outdated in modern times. But why haven’t manufacturers changed their color palette?

Why Are RV Interiors Brown?

One of the main reasons manufacturers still make RV interiors brown and beige is because dirt doesn’t show up so much on these colors. As you will be constantly going in and out of your RV you will naturally be tracking dirt inside, and with a brown carpet you won’t be able to see it as much.

Brown is also a neutral color and will complement wood accents well as there tends to be quite a bit of wood inside RVs. The wooden cabinets, doors and other panelling will be in stark contrast to a more stand out color.

Brown also is a natural color and incorporates the outdoors inside your RV which could make it feel more spacious. Browns can be found everywhere outside and especially in woody areas where campsites are often placed.

You can see why RV manufacturers use brown to upholster the furniture and carpet the floors of an RV with.

Why Are RV Interiors So Ugly?

RVs are a great way of experiencing the great outdoors without having to brave the elements, but these vehicles usually come with one major drawback: ugly interiors. Often, RV interiors are designed in brown colors with patterns to blend in with nature, which is all well and good when you’re still on the road. However, when you park your RV for an extended period of time in one spot, the interior spaces begin to feel cramped and uninviting.

Unfortunately the brown interior hasn’t aged well and as times have moved on so has the desired look of RV interiors. I can’t think of anyone who would want this aesthetic in an RV nowadays.

RV manufacturers are starting to take note, and are slowly transitioning away from the old tired looking brown interior. If you order an RV directly from the manufacturer you can often choose the interior color scheme.

How Can I Make My RV Interior Look Better?

If you are not fortunate enough to be able to order directly from the manufacturer and choose your own color scheme then there are ways of decorating your camper to your taste on a budget.

Here is an article about how to make your camper look like a home, it has some great tips and decoration ideas to modernize your RV interior.

You can start by painting your RV cabinets and walls in a color that is more in your taste. This is a cheap but very effective way to make your RV look like new.

You can also reupholster your RV furniture to make it look more modern and inviting, even if you are not naturally crafty you should still be able to change the fabric on the seating. If any type of sewing is too much for you then just cover the furniture with blankets, this will give the added benefit of making your RV feel warm and cozy.

Final Thoughts

RV interiors are brown for a number of reasons, it’s a natural color that blends into nature well to incorporate the outdoors inside your RV. Having a brown RV interior also means that dirt doesn’t show up as much, and dirt is easily tracked inside when camping.

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