5 Best RV WiFi Booster for 2024 [Buying Guide]

Staying connected to the internet whilst RVing is a constant struggle. WiFi boosters help to increase the WiFi signal in your RV wherever you are. I have researched all the RV WiFi boosters available and picked our top 5.

Sometimes you just want to catch up on the latest show, but sometimes it’s essential to be connected to the internet. It’s important to be able to get a signal to find directions or weather forecasts at any time.

My overall favorite is the KING WiFi Antenna with WiFiMax Router and Range Extender, although it’s on the pricer end of the scale it’s well worth it. This is the best overall WiFi booster and will be able to easily handle all your internet RVing needs.

RV WiFi Booster Top Picks

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Best RV WiFi Boosters Review

KING WiFi Antenna with WiFiMax Router and Range Extender – Best Overall

This is our overall favorite WiFi booster for your RV, in a nutshell, it’s easy to use and offers a fast, reliable, and secure internet connection wherever you are. If an internet connection is important to you then you can’t go wrong with this system.

The KING Falcon is really easy to set up and use, it gives a reliable secure internet connection for your RV. It has a roof-mounted RV WiFi antenna that automatically scans for available networks and then aims itself at the selected network to find the strongest signal.

The powerful, outdoor, automatic, directional antenna extends 2. 4GHz for longest range plus 5GHz w/Router for fastest speeds. So you can get a reliable fast connection without searching for hours to get a signal.

The KING falcon is easy to set up, simply download the free KING Wi-Fi App, available for Android and iOS devices and follow the instructions.

This WiFi booster is made for RVers, and creates a versatile and powerful RV network system.


  • Dual band for fast speeds and long distance (2.4GHz & 5GHz)
  • Easy to use – plug in and setup via phone or laptop
  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Reliable


  • Requires roof installation
  • Doesn’t provide its own connection

WiFi on Steroids GenX – Best For Price

This is a great ‘plug and play’ option if you are on a budget. The 4 external antennas will boost the internet signal to up to 500meters. 

It will also connect to free WiFi connections across the US and Canada, and give you a reliable strong signal straight to your RV. Beware that free WiFi is not secure so don’t use a free signal for personal online applications.

It’s cheap, easy to use, small and gives a great signal – what more do you want?


  • Inexpensive
  • Coverage of 500 meters
  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Small


  • Doesn’t provide its own connection

WifiMyLife Wifi Router – Best For Everything

Now, if the price isn’t a concern and an internet connection is really important to you then this is the system for you.

The WifiMyLife 4G LTE is user-friendly and has full networking capability to meet the needs of any RVer who wants to be connected to the world.

There is a small (smallest footprint of any RV roof-mounted antenna) roof-mounted antenna that will eliminate signal loss that occurs while on the road.

This system creates a secure 4G Ethernet or Wi-Fi network by supporting the latest wireless security features to prevent unauthorized access. It supports security options like 64/128-bit WEP, WPA, and WPA2 + and has an active firewall so you can rest safe knowing that your connection is secure.

You can even automatically limit the parental screens to set limits or access by time on any device connected.


  • Dual band for fast speeds and long distance (2.4GHz & 5GHz)
  • Can provide its own internet connection
  • Can connect up to 128 devices
  • Easy to use
  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Reliable


  • Expensive
  • Requires roof installation

Winegard® ConnecT™ – Best For Mobile Internet

The Winegard ConnecT 2.0 is another great booster choice for your RV, it scans and connects to WiFi signals and rebroadcasts them in and around your RV.

The tough low profile dome attaches to your RV roof and encloses 3 WiFi antennas, expands your WiFi coverage to receive signals from farther away and with faster speeds. 

If you want this WiFi booster to provide its own internet connection, you can sign up for the Winegard 4G LTE data plan. You can get a sim only and top it up monthly so you’re not hooked into a contract which is good if you only want connection occasionally. 

It’s easy to set up, just follow the step-by-step on-screen instructions, then scan for and select a Wi-Fi network. You can easily connect all your devices and enjoy a secure internet connection in your RV.


  • Can provide it’s own internet connection
  • Easy to use
  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Reliable


  • Requires roof installation

Bearifi BearExtender – Best For PC

If you just need a better connection for your PC then this is the RV WiFi booster for you. The Bearifi BearExtender, extends the Wi-Fi signal only to the computer to which it is connected by USB cable.

This is a powerful antenna booster and can capture a signal from up to a mile away. The booster is best outside and at an elevation (your RV roof), the casing is water and dust resistant, and it has 3 different ways to mount the antenna.

You will have to point the extender in the direction of the signal to get the highest strength as the 10dBi antenna focuses reception in one direction for optimal results. 


  • Inexpensive
  • Captures signal from 1 mile away


  • Stand breaks easily
  • Not compatible with Windows RT tablet, Mac OS X, iOS or Android
  • Only one PC can be connected
  • Doesn’t provide a connection
RV WiFi Boosters

How do you Pick the Best WiFi Booster – Buying Guide

So, you know you need a wifi booster. But, how do you know which one to get?

Worry not, we have put together a comprehensive buying guide that should answer all your questions and help you pick the perfect wifi booster for your needs.

What’s the difference between a WiFi booster, repeater, or extender?

When I first started researching for this article, the most confusing part was understanding what the difference was between a WiFi booster, repeater or extender.

The easy answer is that they are all more or less the same thing and have the same purpose – to improve WiFi coverage. 

The more complex answer is that there isn’t a clear definition of booster, extender or repeater that manufacturers use. I’ve outlined the main differences between the three below for some clarity.


A WiFi booster is a the broad name for any device that extends a WiFi signal. They can be more accurately defined as a wireless range extender. 

Essentially they increase the internet coverage area by boosting existing signals. It doesn’t create its own WiFi signal.

An RV WiFi booster is a great option if you are staying somewhere that has an internet connection that you want to extend. For example a campsite might have an internet connection, if you have a booster then you will increase the area this connection can reach to and therefore strengthen your connection. 


A WiFi extender pulls the signal from the router and re-broadcasts it to another device. A WiFi extender typically sits between the router and where you want the signal distributed to.

The extenders typically send the signal out on another wireless channel than the one the router uses. 

The problem is the placement of the WiFi extender, if it’s not in the right place then it might not be able to get enough WiFi signal from the router to rebroadcast. A wired range extender would solve this problem, however it’s not really relevant in an RV.


A repeater works by re-broadcasting the WiFi signal to a local area. This means you will be on the same network, and as so the quality of the signal will be the same. 

There may be a lag time in using a repeater, so it’s best to have as few devices on it as possible.

A repeater increases the area that a signal travels, it doesn’t increase the signal.

TOP TIP – As you dive into the world of WiFi boosters, you will see the above terms used interchangeably. Make sure you read the fine print of any booster before purchasing to understand which type you are buying.

Types of RV WiFi Boosters

Before we get into the different features of RV WiFi boosters, there are actually a few different types to know about.

Wireless WiFi Booster

Wireless WiFi Boosters are really easy to use, most of the time you just plug them in to the area you want the strongest signal. 

They are also fairly cheap, so it might be worth getting one of these first to see if it does the trick.

Mobile WiFi Booster

Mobile WiFi boosters are probably the best option for RVers, because, well, they’re mobile.

You will have to pay a network fee, and it’s a good idea to get it on a different network than your cell phones so you can have even more coverage.

You can connect your devices directly to the mobile booster, as it acts as a mini router.

Dual-Band WiFi Booster

These are a type of extender, they pick up the signal from the router with one frequency (band) and send it to devices with another.

These are relatively cheap and easy to use, like the wireless booster you can just plug and play, but offer higher quality signal.

Things you should know before buying an RV WiFi booster

Now we’ll move onto the features of WiFi boosters and what they mean. You should have a good grasp of these before you purchase a booster.


The security of your WiFi booster is very important, especially if you bank or buy online. The booster should ensure that the connection is secure and offer data encryption.

You should always set up a password in order to connect to the network. This prevents others from stealing your bandwidth for streaming and protects your transactions.

There is no point having a super fast connection in the middle of nowhere that’s unsecure, someone could easily swipe your credit card details from your latest purchase and you’d be non the wiser.

In my view security is the top priority.


WiFi boosters measure speed in megabits per second or Mbps. 

You’ll need to know the speed of your network to know if the speed on the WiFi booster is sufficient. Remember that boosters improve your existing internet connection so you want to make sure that the speed offered from your booster covers the speed offered by your connection.

Don’t spend extra on a booster that offers a much higher speed than your connection because this could actually slow down the connection.


You need to know which features are important to you and which ones aren’t, so you don’t go down the sales rabbit hole with features for your WiFi booster.

Obviously, speed is an important factor and this is detailed above. The other main feature to look out for are the number of ethernet ports.

Try and get a booster with a couple of ethernet ports, so you always have the option to use a wired connection if needed. A wired connection will allow the device to receive higher speeds.


WiFi boosters come in various designs, usually, it’s just a case of personal preference. But, in an RV you will need to make sure that the device will fit into the space that you have planned – nothing’s ever simple when it comes to RVing 🙂

Some devices will be small and plug straight into the wall, others will resemble a router and some will have rooftop antennas.

If you do opt for a rooftop antenna, remember to consider this when driving as it could limit you where there are height restrictions.


Nowadays, compatibility isn’t as much of an issue as it once was. However you don’t want to buy a booster that’s not compatible with your network.

The booster will show their system requirements and the sales page or in the manual. A quick google search of the router model will give you the requirements, they will probably be on the unit itself.

You will also need to check that the devices you want to receive the connection are compatible, older phones, tablets and computers might not be compatible with the modern WiFi boosters.

Installation Requirements

This is also a personal preference and depends on how techie you are, if you’re not very technology literate (like me) then you will probably want an RV WiFi booster that just plugs directly into the wall.

If you’re more adventurous there are boosters with multiple parts, antennas and different components that can be configured. These are more likely to give a better signal – if you install them correctly.


Your budget should always be a consideration, you need to set a limit on how much you’ll be willing to part with for a booster.

WiFi booster range from inexpensive to stupidly pricy, the more you pay doesn’t always result in a better booster.

All the boosters in this review range from $45 to $1,200.

Best RV WiFi Boosters

RV WiFi Booster FAQ’s

Hopefully, the RV WiFi booster buying guide has answered most of your questions.

But if you have more, I’ve included some of the most common questions and their answers here.

How Can I Increase My WiFi Speed?

Because WiFi boosters increase the signal and not the speed, follow these tips to get the maximum speed from your internet connection.

Put the router in a good place – The best place for the router is in the centre of the RV on a table or shelf (elevated). Keep it free from obstructions and make sure the antenna is pointing up.
Keep it away from other electronic devices – Other electronic devices can inhibit the signal, so it’s best kept away from the TV.

Set it apart from wireless signals – other devices on bluetooth can also interfere with the wireless signal. A dual band booster or router would be better if you can’t clear the bluetooth devices.
Put your router in a can – Use an empty beer can to boost the speed, the can will eliminate other signals whilst boosting the signal from your router.

Reboot your router – All electronic devices need a reboot every once in a while, it’s a fail-safe way to speed it up. 

Kick off the freeloaders – If you want to be sneaky you can just change your password, this should get rid off all the WiFi leeches, wha ha ha (evil laugh).

Switch to a different WiFi channel – most countries have 6 different WiFi channels (1,6,11, and 14) most people are on the default ones 1 or 6. Switching the channel can significantly boost the speed.

How do I get better WiFi signal in an RV park?

WiFi signals in RV Parks are patchy at best, so you’ll need to know how to improve on it.
If you’ve read the whole article (give yourself a pat on the back) then you’ll know that an RV WiFi booster is your best bet. 

The booster will increase the weak signal so you can use the internet more effectively.
A mobile internet connection is also a good idea so you should always have a hotspot.

Why do I need a WiFi booster?

Whilst it’s awesome to unplug and get away from it all sometimes you will want an internet connection, whether it’s for work or just to binge on Netflix.

Like we said above, the WiFi in RV parks or in the wilderness is less than stellar. A WiFi booster will give you a more reliable internet connection, so you don’t need to worry about getting a signal to google for directions or check the weather.

What are the best brands of RV WiFi boosters?

Well you can start with the manufacturers that are featured in our review. We’ve done all the leg work and found the best and most reliable brands for you.

But, in a nutshell you can’t go far wrong with brands like, Google, Alfa, Winegard, and KING.

Is there a difference between a WiFi booster for RVs and one for household use?

There isn’t much difference between a regular household booster or one for your RV. The biggest feature difference is portability, you want your RV WiFi booster to be easily movable.

You will also want a more sturdy reinforced design, as it is likely to remain plugged in whilst you are on the move and the vibrations from driving can cause damage to the device.

RV WiFi Boosters Recap

KING WiFi Antenna with WiFiMax Router and Range Extender – Best Overall

WiFi on Steroids GenX – Best for Price

WifiMyLife Wifi Router – Best For Everything

Winegard® ConnecT™ – Best For Mobile Internet

Bearifi BearExtender – Best For PC

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve found this guide helpful and you’re well on your way to solving your internet headaches.

Don’t forget that our best overall award goes to the KING Automatic Directional WiFi Antenna with WiFiMax Router and Range Extender.

However, any one of the above boosters will help increase your signal.

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