Mounting Solar Panels On RV Without Drilling

Mounting solar panels on an RV can be a challenge because there is no exterior surface to mount them onto. To solve this problem, many people choose to drill holes in the roof and attach brackets to secure the panels. However, drilling holes through the roof of your RV is not only inconvenient but also risky; you may end up with leaks in your RV and in some cases it can lead to structural damage.

Mounting solar panels on your RV without drilling holes in the roof is the best (and easiest) way to go. It will maintain the structure of your RV and prevent leaks as well as being easy to install.

How Do You Install Solar Panels On An RV Without Drilling?

Ok let’s get straight to it this tutorial is based around using the HQST ABS Plastic Corner Bracket Solar Panel Roof Drill-Free Mount for RV. From all my research into these mounts these offer the best value for money and have great reviews.

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This solar panel mount will work on most RV models and is easy to install, first you will need to gather your materials:

To Install Your Drill Less Solar Panel Mount To Your RV:

  1. Put the solar panel into the mount, making sure that the four corners are on the corners of the solar panel don’t forget to add the two sides on either side of the panel.
  2. Once you have your solar panel in place on the mount then it’s time to stick it to your RV roof.
  3. Take the solar panel in the mount to the RV roof along with adhesive and caulking gun.
  4. Turn the solar panel upside down and add the adhesive the to bottom of the mount, don’t be shy when adding the adhesive as this will be how the solar panels will attach to the roof.
  5. Press the panels down firmly to the roof and let the adhesive dry, ideally for 72 hours.
  6. Once the adhesive has dried, as an optional extra you can run sealant round the bottom of the mount to secure it in place even more.
  7. Let the sealant dry and you are good to go.

Top Tips For Non Drill Solar Panels

  • Make sure that you read the instructions thoroughly for whichever kit you buy, and have your materials on hand before you start.
  • Sikaflex 252 is the most recommended adhesive for this job, you can use others but I’d recommend just using Sikaflex 252, it’s not super expensive.
  • Don’t do this in wet or windy weather, the adhesive needs 72 hours to dry so make sure that you know the weather will be dry for at least the next three days.
  • Mark the roof up prior to gluing the solar panel down to make sure you get it in the place you want it.
  • Two people would make this job easier, especially when you are flipping the panel over to glue it down.

Are Drill Free Solar Panels Secure?

Drill free solar panel mounts are very secure, you just need to make sure that you have installed them properly. One of the most important parts of the installation is giving the glue enough time to dry, so make that a priority.

You can also use VHB tape to stick the brackets to the roof which is just as effective as the Sikaflex. Give the panels and inspection every few weeks to check that they are still firmly attached.

Going around the base with an RV caulk will give the mount an extra level of bonding, so if you have some on hand it’s always worth it to go around the mount.

What Are The Benefits of Drill Free Solar Panels?

Probably the number one reason why drill free solar panels are best is that you don’t have to drill holes into your roof. If you drill holes in the wrong place or do something wrong then not only is it unsightly but it will cause leaks. 

And when it comes to RVs, moisture is the enemy. Why would you risk drilling holes into your roof if you don’t have to?

Other benefits of drill free solar panels are:

Easy Installation – Adhesive mounts are really simple to install, more so than drilling brackets in.

Work with any RV – Drill free mounts for solar panels will work with any RV, the adhesive works with woods and metals so they can stick to any RV roof easily.

Work with any solar panels – The drill free mounts are not a set size and work to fit your solar panels.

Hardwearing – Once the adhesive has dried properly it’s super durable even in snow and storms.

Lightweight – The drill free mounts are lightweight and give the solar panels a couple of inches underneath to keep them cool.

Final Thoughts

If you need to install solar panels on your RV roof then mounting solar panels on your RV without drilling is really easy and efficient. All you need is some adhesive and a drill free mount and a few dry days to let everything dry and stick. In my opinion it’s much better than drilling holes into your RV roof.

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