How To Add A Dog Kennel Under Your RV Bed

Anyone who has an RV knows that space is at a premium. And so RV owners are always looking for ways to maximize space when living in their RV. If you have a dog then you may want to consider adding a doggy kennel underneath your bed. 

A dog kennel or crate can be easily fitted under your RV bed with little effort.

Adding a kennel to your RV bed will provide your pet with protection from the elements, plus visibility of surroundings, and they can sleep in close proximity to you. 

Why Have A Dog Kennel In An RV?

Having a dog kennel in an RV is a game changer! It gives your four legged companion a safe space to be when driving, sleeping or left alone in the RV. Dogs love having their own safe space to retreat to and it gives you peace of mind that they are not destroying everything in the RV when you leave them alone for a couple of hours.

It’s safer for them to be in a kennel whilst driving, as it acts as their seatbelt which can save their life and yours if you get in an accident.

It also gives them a familiar safe space in every location, traveling around and changing environments a lot can be stressful on your dog. But, if they always have their own little house it will make them feel more comfortable.

Having a dog kennel in your RV really is best for everyone, especially your doggo. The problem is that they are large and clunky and so take up a lot of space. You really want to build the kennel into your RV furniture if you can. 

Building the kennel into the furniture not only saves space and makes that piece of furniture multifunctional, but it also gives your dog the added security of his or her home not moving around.

How To Add A Dog Kennel Under Your RV Bed

Adding a dog kennel under your RV bed is a great way to save space and give your dog a secure home. You can also rest knowing your best friend is close by.

Add A Pre-Built Dog Crate Under Your RV Bed

If you can simply cut or take away the front panel from your bed and fit a pre made dog crate underneath this is by far the easiest way to put a dog kennel under your bed.

The two important measurements are the depth of the underneath space of your bed and the height. If you can search online for a dog crate that will fit in the space then that’s the majority of the work done.

To make it look neater you could cut the panel to the desired width and leave the rest free for the dog crate.

Make Your Own Kennel Under The Bed

Making your own kennel under your RV bed isn’t as hard as it sounds, it has the added benefit of looking more natural in the RV too.

Firstly check that the space underneath the bed is big enough for your pooch to stay in for an extended period of time.

Then you will need your materials:

If it is then you will want to cut out an entrance for your dog from the panelling around the base of the bed. 

If you buy a dog crate you can use the end with the door on for their entrance so you can keep your dog in a secure place when you go out.

Measure the kennel door and cut the opening to fit the end of your crate.

Once the opening is cut sand down the edges or some edging tape to make it look neater and prevent clothes or skin catching.

Then fasten the end of the crate on with some fasteners to secure it in place.

You then have a fitted dog crate under the RV bed and can fill it with a nice fully bed, traits and toys.

Use A Bunks As A Dog Kennel

If you have a lower bunk that’s not being used then you could turn this into a dog kennel, it has the added bonus of already being a comfy bed.

The easiest way to segregate this is to use a lattice panel cut to size, this looks great and is a really easy solution. Add some hooks on the end to secure in place.

However if your dog is large and could break this easier then it would be better to use plywood sheeting and add the kennel door to it as described above. This way your dog has a nice secure bed. 

Final Thoughts

It’s really easy to add a dog kennel under your RV bed, not only it is safer for your dog but it should keep them calmer and happier too having their own space.

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